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Mamaway Nano Bamboo Postnatal binder (Bengkung) review-part 1

12 September 2020

Hi there!

How are you? I hope you doing well.

I can't believe I already giving birth for two months plus, wow! Now, it's time to back to usual me or even slimmer me.

Have you heard of Mamaway? If you're a mother then you know this. It's pregnancy and breastfeeding label. During my preparation for the baby, one of the preparations I do is looking for bekungthat I can wear after giving birth. I found about this brand on Instagram and I've been eyeing for their products like a postnatal binder(Bekung), nursing bra, nursing bra and etc.  But, since the baby preparation is a priority so I keep it first. Then, after giving birth, I want to buy it but I saw the blogger programme. So, I immediately in and in 3 working days, I received the products.

So, here is my honest review.

1. Easy to use

When you’re the first timer mummy, you will need help from someone on many things. But, when coming to wearing the bekung especially the traditional bekung will need someone to help you to wear it. If someone takes care of you during confinement, then it's fine. For my case, my mum just with me for one month and the second month, just me and my husband. So, no one able to help me all the time but this bekung, I can easily wear it myself.All you need to do is just three steps.

2. Breathable

Another reason to love this product is it's breathable. When I wear it, I feel so comfortable. I even wear it go to work and I can do my work as per usual as its breathable.

So, to new mummy out there, I really recommend trying this.

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