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Thank you,Fathinah!

Lately I’ve been so stressed and feel so messed up! I feel not well and my breast milk dropped which double up the stress level.I’ve been so lost.
Not just stress with my work but some of my personal life too. I can’t do everything now as I have my baby. I feel bad for saying no but I really can’t fulfill everything now... I do feel bad but I just can’t help! For those that effected and you read my blog,I’m really sorry!
Thanks to my friend and colleague, Fath for give me encouragements words and this warm food.
I feel encouraged.



Unboxing anniversary gift 2020

Hi there
Finally here is the video unboxing anniversary gift 2020.

My support system ( Orang kuat saya)



We are parent!!

Hi All,
I've so many stories to share but I don't really have time to type now.
For now, I share photos.


Our second ‘baby’

Lately I’m so busy and forgot to share our baby no.2!

It’s our Sony Camera! This is our 1st anniversary gift! aka investment for our future!

Can’t wait to take photos with this!