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Karl Sibal first time going to out

13 September 2020, 4pm
Last Sunday we finally bring our baby going out other than to the clinic.
It's been 2 months plus. 
How's the experience?
Thanks to our friend, Wiwie that take care of our baby it makes the plan go well.
To be honest, we don't really know how to take care of the baby properly..haha but we know how to make a baby hahhahaa. Yes, I'm being honest here. We just do whatever we know as we are first timer parent and we really need guidance and tips. Thanks to family and friends that help us and never forget to thanks to Google for existing. We can search and learn from there.
So, here are the photos.

Finally you can see my lemak2 berkrim after giving birth hahaa

Selfies with mummy

I love black and pink nowadays

I love the experience to bring out our baby.
Hopefully, he will be a good boy next time.


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