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Date after having a child

This is our second date after having our son. Our first date after having a child is during our 1st-anniversary celebration. We rarely go out together( just two of us) now, beside COVID-19 cases is increasing now, it's not really safe to go out and we had our first child too. 

But, today since our son need to go follow up at Hospital so we both take annual leave and just focus on our son. After we finish, we have few hours "free time" so we can do other things than bring our son to follow up.

Actually, this is an unplanned date, I just want to go out too to buy groceries and my hubba want to cut his hair ( finally!! I love it whenever he cut his hair, he look so handsome with short hair...hehe), so we both going out together and Wiwie taking care of our son.

On the way, I asked my hubba, can we go to Kopi Kisah Kita, I want to drink coffee and also I want to bring him to this coffee shop too. To save time, we do our errand separately. I went to grocery shopping and he went to cut his hair. After we both done, I thoughts we will directly went home but my hubba said, can we go to Kopi Kisah Kita? I totally forget about it hahaha

Even this simple going out with my hubba is really special and precious time for me. We rarely spend time together now so when we have time like this is awesome!!

So, how to go on date after you having a child?

1. Ask help from your friend/family to take care of your child for fews hours then you two can go do whatever you want. This one is really good for relationship.

2. Make time or go for an unplanned date but don't too long.

3. If its really hard, go for grocery shopping together while your baby at babysitter's place. 

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