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I want to go back home

              Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash
The thoughts come again...
For the countless time, I'm thinking to go back home, my home at Borneo land. I think this year I've thought of this very frequently. I guess maybe its really time to really consider this. 

Why do I still stay here?

1. Our career is here.

I love working here and  I know my husband as well. I've been working here 9 years already. I just love everything. I've tried to build my career for these 9 years. It's really in progress journey. Here,  there's a lot of opportunities to explore here without the need to travel far. It's not that at Borneo limited opportunities but I love the opportunities here. It matches my skills, my education and my love. And, now I guess I need to use my skills to my Borneo land.

2. We owned our house here.

Another big thing that chained our heart here, our house. I bought our house here in 2017 without even considering getting married...haha. It's my bad. If I knew I will be wanted so badly to going back home in 2020, I will never buy the house here. But, it happens now and no turn back.

3. Used to live here

If you are not Borneo people that live here in Semenanjung for a very long time, you will never understand why it's hard for me to move back to Borneo. I used to live here. I used to drive in the road, highway... When I went back to Borneo, especially Sarawak, it's so hard for me to drive beside we don't have our car over there. I used to live with the supermarkets here, everything is easy access.

Why do I want to go back?

1. It's all about family.

When I heard about my dad's health condition, I feel really bad. I can't take care of my parent during their old days. If only I can turn back the time...sighh! But, that's not going to happen, I cannot look back but I need to look forward now.

2. I want to live with my people.

It's not that in Semanajung is not my people. I love to live with people with the same languages, same kind of food and same everything...

3. I want to expand KERIITLETO PHOTOGRAPHY. 

Our dream about this is we want this photography full of Borneo view. That's my dream 

But, I can't stop everything here immediately and move over there. It's need time. This thought has come so frequently now. I guess its time to plan the move.

I guess I need to plan our move start from now.



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