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Karl Sibal 100 days


It's Karl Sibal, our son 100 days in this world. We choose to celebrate 100 days then full moon because I don't think I can do the full moon, which is end of July 2020. That time, I'm still in progress for my recovery and I still feel the pain( my mum back to Sarawak).

I don't know how other people can do the full moon, I really respect the mum that can do it!

For our son 100 days celebration, no one is invited...

Not because we don't want to but we can't invite people due to COVID-19, we don't want to take any risk. So, it's just our family. It's a very simple celebration. 

Sometimes I feel sad because we can't celebrate this milestone with our closed family and friends here but what to do.

Today event is very simple, first we take photos and then, pray together for Karl Sibal lead by my hubba. 

I'm really thankful for these 100 days. My son such a beautiful and wonderful son. My prayers every day, he will be someone that obey God in everything in his life and keep the faith in God no matter what life takes.

Some candid photos taken by Wiwi

Dear Karl Sibal,

One day, you will be able to read and I hope you're happy reading this.

On this day, you're 100 days in this world. Mummy and daddy so grateful you come to this world. You're blessing in our life. We have learned so many things these 100 days. We learned to be always faithful and surrender everything to God because God is in control. Always have faith in God.

Our prayers for you everyday that you growing up well and being someone that obey God and respect us as your parent.

Love you my son.

Your lovely mummy,


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