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Lactomomma Milk Booster Cookies Review

Hi there!

How are you? I hope you doing well. As for me, I already going back to work since last week. I'm excited to working again but I feel a heavy heart to left my baby as we have been together for 2 months. But, this is my choice so I need to be strong!

As I start working again, I need to prepare the breastmilk for my son while I'm going working. Unfortunately, before I start working, my breastmilk was dropped due to planning pills I ate. So, I stopped eat that now and it's back but the quantity is not much so I need to boost it so my baby will have enough or at least he can drink breastmilk during the day. There are many ways to boost the breastmilk like eating lobak putih sup, rebusan air kurma, lactation cookies and etc. I love cookies so of course, I will choose cookies. So, I can eat cookies as much as I can without feeling guilty...haha. This is my second try of milk booster cookies. You can check out my first try HERE. 

My review is I LOVE IT! Especially the Chocotella! arghh super love.

The texture is not so soft and not too hard. Just nice! It's so addictive! As for the milk, I realize that if I drink a lot of water along with these cookies, the breastmilk comes out is 7oz at least!

If you like to try it, you can check their Instagram -->

Just 2 days and here what happened.

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