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My first month back to work

After my two months of maternity leave, finally on September 2020, I back to work. 

Fuhh! that two months is not enough but what can I do, the company just gave 2 months maternity leave and I need to follow that. I'm grateful for that two months and I'm blessed.

So, how do I feel after back to work?

1. Catch up mode

Since I'm on leave for two months and a lot of things happened during that two months so I need to catch up everything...really FAST! But, I am just a human that banyak urat terputus during my delivery haha so I just take time to catch up with everything. I know, the real situation don't allow that but I just take it easy on myself. Worry not, I am doing my best to catch up everything. 

Note: If you're mum and just back to work, when you doing your catch up, don't forget to take it easy. Sometimes its hard so take it easy.

2. Juggling many things

During my maternity leave, for the first month, my focus is my baby and my recovery. Thanks to God, I recovery quite fast so during second month of my leave, I focus on my baby and how to take care of him. Not just that, I need to take care of my well being too, my family, my husband and etc... there's a lot. 

3. Missing my baby

Every morning is the hardest. Its hard to leave him after spending all day and time with him for two months since he arrived in this world but I need go back to work. Thanks to our friend, Wiwie I no need to send my baby to babysitter everyday, he just stayed at our home. 

4. Feel like I'm a 'bad' mama

Spending less time with my baby than during my maternity leave sometimes makes me think I'm a bad mama. That thoughts always come when I'm too stressed with my work and think negatively about life.

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