My WFH during PKPB

23 October 2020

Fuhh..finally it's Friday!
 I wanted to not to wait for Friday but I'm still the same, still waiting for Friday.
This week, I currently WFH( Work From Home).
I have love-hate feeling when come to this.
I love it because I can go to smell and hold my baby sometimes...
I hate it because I will just sit at our room ( home office) most of the time and unable to fully to take care at our son.
I can go take care of him but I need to work too..
What a life!
So, here is my WFH during PKPB this time.
During "lunch hour", I go hold my baby...
Its feel so good!!!
So, here is our photos.

I'm really trying to enjoy this moment.

This moment will not come twice so while we at it, let's enjoy!



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