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My WFH experience- after having a child

Happy Weekend everybody!

How are you guys? I hope you guys doing well.

As you guys are aware, our country once again goes for CMCO, we still can go work, buy groceries but limited time and limited people. As for working people, maybe some of us need to work from home. Same goes to me, I need to work from home but not every day. But, I am thankful for having a chance to work from home.

Last time, I did work from home but that time I'm pregnant and now I already delivered my baby so the experience is different.

During work from home, while pregnant, it's just me at our home because my husband still goes to work as usual.

Now, the situation is different. We are having our child. It's a new kind of experience. I'm thankful for this moment because our friend, Wiwie is currently babysitting our baby. I am super thankful for this. I'm not ready to send my child to nursery or strangers to take care of my baby. The anxiety is really high.

This one is my dilemma even before I gave birth. I did praying for this. I don't say I need a babysitter but lets God plan happen. God is good as He prepared Wiwie to take care of our baby while we go working. I am not ready yet to give up my work and stay at home with our child. It's not that I don't want but we still have much commitment that needs financial commitment.

Now, I'm still working and we got our friend that babysit our baby, I am super thankful! Every day I pray God to bless Wiwie in everything she does and wants to do in future. 

When I'm working from home, she will take care of my baby as usual, like I'm going to work. But, as a mum, I always have anxiety or urge feeling whenever my son crying in the living room. I do my work at our room and really try my best to focus. Sometimes I will come out from our room and hold him and smell him... the best feeling ever! This time, I work from our room because sometimes I need to attend meeting online but my husband prepared another working space at the living room too so we also can do our work in our living room too, so that's the photos above.

Working from home (WFH) is a new norm now. I always dreamed of this before. I dreamed at least work from work at home once a week and the rest I can go to the office. My dream has come true, so I will never take this for granted! I do my best every day...

To be honest, I feel productive when I have a chance to work from home once a week. I feel so productive and energetic after that. I feel refresh because at least I have 1 day in weekday to see my baby during the day, I am really thankful for that.

This is my current situation, I am thankful.

And, I know not everyone having this 'privilege' like me... I called it's my privilege because there's someone take care of my baby while I'm working. Not everyone having this.

Be strong mummy/daddy!!

God bless you.

As for this moment, I want to be always thankful and never take it for granted.

Thanks God,


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