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Save my life- COWAY Kecil Review


Hi there!

I'm so excited to share my review on this product. I'm not paid to do a review for this but I love it so I will write about it.

After giving birth, our life is changing...

I've been trying to direct breastfeed my baby but due to some problem, I can't do so, which make me feel so sad. I've to pump but my breastmilk just not really enough for my baby, I got my baby boy, after all, he kuat minum susu. So, due to this, my husband search for a water filter that meets our need. I tried to buy from my ex-colleague since he is an agent but my husband found COWAY first and there function that we need, which is baby milk. So, that why we go for COWAY Kecil. 

Baby Milk feature

That's the main reason I choose COWAY Kecil, its got Baby milk feature. This really makes my life easier because I no need to measure the temperature of the baby milk. Especially during the night or early morning when my son wants to drink milk, I will mamai2 go make it...haha. Having this really really helpful. I just press and everything will come out just at the right temperature.

Not just this feature in this water filter but this is my main reason choose it.

Minimal and compact

Another why I choose this is the minimal and compact look! I just love that! When I saw it on TV, I feel I want to go for it but that time, I feel don't really need it so hold it first. Then when we really need it, we go for it!

This machine is super helpful in my life so far.



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