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VC with Amai ( My father)

Last Sunday I'm having a great day because finally I can VC with my Amai( My father). Previously I cant because there's no internet connection. 

I'm thankful for the technology

Seeing my father's hair getting grayer than ever make me feel sad...

I guess he also feel sad when see I'm with my son during VC him...

His last daughter is a mum now, how fast is time flies...

We talked a lot about many stuff and the highlight of this time is his acceptance on his fate to be unable to walk. Its something that he always hard to accept. Its a really long year for him to accept that. If I'm on his shoes, I guess I will be like that too.

But, he never forget about what he could do if he can walk...

this make me not take my legs for granted. He say he want to go mudung and see the view. I know he really miss that thing.

Also, another thing that make him  sad being unable to walk is unable to accompany my nephew go to school. My nephew afraid of dogs but he need to go too. I feel so sad hear this.

But, this is life.

Some of our season is good season. I hope I'm a good season to my father.

Some of it is not a good season.

Whenever I'm thinking of my father, to be honest... I feel sad my parent getting old. Yes, its natural way of life, I mean this is life cycle. We cannot be young forever.

I can accept I'm getting older but I never want to accept my parent getting old. 

Then, my dad meet my son for the first time ever...virtually!
2020 sangat...

My son is so sporting...he looked at the camera and smile. He know my dad...

Then, my mum, niece, nephew and neighbors come in...haha

Meet his kakak, Kakak Demma

My mum... I miss my mum walaupun selalu "gaduh" hahaha

Then, our neighbour come in...

We VC during the evening so its time to chit chat... arghh I miss kampung.

I'm having such a great time seeing and talking to my people.
I love them.
Arghh... I really want to go back for Christmas!!
God please make it happen.
Please make COVID-19 go away... 


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