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1 year 2 months

Hey! It's 19/November!

And as per usual, it's our wedding anniversary/monthsary/whatsever sary haha on this day. We became official couple back in 2016 on 18, we engaged on 18.08.18 and get married on 19.09.19. 18 and 19 each of month always the day we celebrate our love. You can read about our love story HERE.

I just can't believe its already 1 year 2 months we became husband and wife. Time goes really fast. I feel like just yesterday we exchanged our vows in front of our family, friends  and relatives. I still remember that day so clearly, the happiest day in our life. I feel like "Wow this is feel like dream come true and to be loved by someone". After we get married, we stayed at my kampung for one weeks and I just can't believe, I got my husband? hahaha. It's very awkward feeling but I really love it! I can't wait to go back again to our kampung with my husband and son.

How's married life so far?

I'm still clingy as usual, no change...

Even after I become a mum, I still clingy at usual. I always wanted my husband attention before my son...haha and my son always get first, I'm jealous! haha. If I'm in a good mood that day, I will just let it go but if I'm in bad mood, habislahhh... I will really angry and merajuk! haha, I'm very childish!

But, I love this because I want my husband to know, I always his number one and one and only. My husband sometimes layan saja but some of time, I know he annoyed too but I love to annoyed him.

I'm grateful for the small family I had.

Everyday, I am grateful for this small family of mine. I'm grateful I choose my husband to be my husband. I still remember, when we just started our relationship, I think around 3 months after declared we are official,

 I asked my husband " What his purpose for this relationship?"

He said " To marry you"

When I get that answer, I knew he is the right man for me.

Why I asked this question during the early days of our relationship? Because I don't want to date around, I'm really tired of getting to know people, fall in love and then break up. I want someone that committed to the relationship and life.

One of the best thing my husband ever did to me now is he really involved in raising and taking care of our son. Why I say this because some of man in our society, doesn't really involve in raising their kid with their wife. When they do, people will say, they are helping their wife. I feel sad whenever I heard of this. Man is not helping, they involved, its his child after all.

I think I can cook now

If you ever taste what I cook, then you know why I say this...hehe

I had four sisters in my family and I am the youngest girl, so since my early age, I usually became an assistant/helper to my sisters at the kitchen, I'm not really cooking and most of the time, I pandai makan saja..hehe. This make a bad effect in my life. I don't really know how to cook. After get married, most of the time, I will cook for my husband. During the early days, my husband help me out because when I cooked always not sedap and not jadi...haha.Now, I can cook independently but repeatitive menu ehhe. Actually I learned from Youtube and Cookpad apps. You can check that out!

My husband is my bestfriend

Who else, right?

When you decided to get married then its time to let go of any other relationship commitment, now life is all about you and me. We still can have friends but some married stuffs can't be share but just share with your partner. 

I still have a lot of friends but closest or bestfriend, it's my husband. I told him everything everyday without feel ashamed about it. But, sometimes I worry I will make him worry about me because most of the time, I always shared about negative story...huhu but cant help,he is my only one that I can trust.

I still have my bestfriend I usually talk about girls stuffs that my husband doesn't know.

Everyday I'm thankful for marrying my husband,my everyday prayer is we stay in love, care for each other a lot and never lose faith in God.

To my husband, 

you read my blog if you read this now.

i love you so much syg, you are the best thing I have in my life.

Lets always love,care and respect each others.

Your lovely wife,

Aya or Hny 

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