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Baby Karl day out

Sometimes I feel bad for not able to bring my son outside often.

I really want to bring him to our favourite park at Putrajaya, watching the sunset, see the blue skies and see the green trees and most importantly, feel the fresh air.

But, due to the COVID-19, we can't really do this. I feel really bad!

Since we still can go around our house area, so I decided to bring him outside today. But, he so silau until his mata berair, kesian him!! 

He so excited to go out, diam saja dalam stroller. Usually, he very fussy here. But, today he so calm and ready to go out!

First time in the lift in his life.

We are OUT!!

Okay, ambil gambar dulu untuk moment ini.

Our house at the back there.

Sini banyak tamanan hijau, lets take your photos here.

And, here is quite good the background, let's take a photos.

Itu sahaja cerita Karl going out today.

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