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How I spend ME TIME after being a mum?

Fuhh! It's finally a WEEKEND!!! Yahoooo... 

I feel so good! especially this weekend is my birthday's weekend! Yeah!! My real day birthday is on Monday so I plan to do a celebration before Monday with my family because Monday is workday but I will be on leave on Monday due to family matter and I can take time to celebrate "Hari Keputerianku".

Put aside the birthday thingy, let's talk about me time after being a mum.

Before I being a mum, I always heard the story that I will never have my own time, no me time. I'm mentally prepared myself for that actually. In real situation, I am grateful my husband really involved in this journey. Sometimes, he gave me ME time like went t buy groceries or go drink coffee with my friend, Wiwie that babysitting our son during work day, and I really really which I really appreciate. Since now is COVID cases is increased, so we limited our going out time. So, here how I spend ME TIME after being a mum.

1. Write on my blog

Usually, after my son sleeps, sometimes I will write on my blog( if I have the idea hehe). I really love this, I feel relief whenever I able to published articles on my blog. This is how I spend my time.

My head is going "wild"/ I'm very productive on my blog during the nights and I will just keep typing and typing but when I want to publish it, I read the articles for the last time, I feel unsatisfy, thats why not so much articles is out!

2. Read articles on Medium or Kindle

I love to read books.

But, after having a kid, I think I can't do this anymore, I mean you can flip the book while the baby on the other hands. After my baby sleeps, I will scroll and read any articles on Medium apps and read ebooks on Kindle.

Maybe you guys not familiar with Medium apps, so you can check this app HERE.

3. Drink coffee( not much lah)

I love coffee.

I'm thinking to buy coffee machine for my home now since I am no longer able to produce breastmilk to my son. But, I will discuss about this with my hubba.

When I drink coffee, I really feel energized and functional haha. My favorite coffee is coffee latte.

4. Listen to favourite songs in Spotify

I think music can give inspiration. Whenever I feel I need an inspiration, I will open my Spotify app and listen to music and I feel like my mind is thinking faster and suddenly I have an idea for my blog articles. For example, when I listened to song that sing about lonely and immediately my mind will think, am I lonely or am I just need me time... How do I spend my me time now? Then, the title will here. That why I love listen to music on Spotify.

5. Listen to favourite Podcasts in Spotify

Another favorite of mind is listen to podcasts. Podcasts is something like story telling. I love listen to podcasts when I'm driving and me time. I will share my favorite Podcasts in different posts. You definitely need to check that podcasts out!

Why I love listen to podcast? I remember I love to listen to story telling in the radio every Sunday evening.

Before I become a mum, my idea of ME time is being away from the children. But, actually not really. I think we still can have our me time after our kid is sleeps or if really need to go out, we can ask the husband to take care of the kid.

To mums out there, how do you spend me time?Please do share with me.

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