24 November 2020

This week is the last week of November 2020.
In 1 week, its will be Christmas/festive season of the year.But, this year will be different due to pandemic COVID-19.
I never imagine how can I go through December like this. For my entire life, November and December is months that I always waiting for because November is my birthday's month and December is my long holiday, I can go back to my hometown and spend time with my family after almost one year not meeting each others.
I usually go back to my hometown twice a year because I just missed my family especially my parent.
But, this year will be very different. Last year we didnt go back because im at early stage of my pregnancy and I really target to go back this year to visit my parent, siblings and relative anddd bring our new addition in the family. I even planned to have a majlis kesyukuran for our son but every single plans are ruined.
I cant go back and stuck here.
I just feel sad whenever think of this.
Please lah Covid19, please go away!!!

What do you feel when you cant go back for Christmas this year?

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