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Its November and as per usual, I always waiting for this month because obviously its my birthday!
Why my birthday seems to be big deal for me?
For me, its the one day that I can feel good about myself, thankful for being in this world and one day that I can get wishes from anyone that remember my birthday.
One of the most exciting about my birthday last year is I celebrated my birthday with my husband and he wished me on 30.11.2019,12am lived!! no more texting or via call. Thats the best thing about my birthday last year.
This year I won't expect anything because im afraid I will be disappoint.But, I wish I can celebrate my birthday with family, one day off from work,spend full day celebrating with my hubba and son and just feel happy and fullest!! I dont wish for any gift just want to be with my family and have a good time.

Can't wait for my birthday!

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