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Karl Sibal is 4 months old!

Hello November!

Say hello to my favourite month! and, just like that, our son is 4 months old!! Thanks to God for His protection and goodness in our family life especially my son's life.

This month is my second months as a working mum and I am really feel bad for not able to give my son breastmilk! My son is fully formula feed now... I feel really bad but it's just can't help. I am too stressful at work and I can't really supply him.

Seeing my son every morning when I wake up is the best ever! Even though sometimes he wakes up too early and I just can't really open my eyes...haha but seeing him smile make me open my eyes...haha.

And, one of the hardest every morning to is saying goodbye to him every time we go to work. I feel so heavy to go but I need to go because I love to work and I go to work for his future too.

Some of his photos this month. The last photo is comment!

Mummy, daddy loves you so much Karl Sibal.


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