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My birthday 2020

Finally, I have time to write about my birthday celebration in 2020! 

Thanks to God, I had a blessed birthday. I celebrated with my small family. I just can't wait to celebrate with even bigger family in future.

This is the night before my birthday. It's look messed up.

This is before 30/11.2020, the most important person in my life is sleeping and act like nothing going to happen.

My husband tried to bertahan but cannot hahaha
But, he did wake up on 12:00am just to wish me and get back to sleep hahahha

In the morning, for the first time ever, he just sleep deeply on my birthday hahaha

I tried to decorate my birthday and here what's happened.

Menjadi juga lah...

On my birthday, after failed to renew my driving license, I went to Muji. I really wanted to go here but for me the prices here is too expensive.

Also, I bought the pomade for my husband

I'm trying to renew my license but the queu is too long.

Christmas tree.

I went to eat my lunch at Dubuyo.

Last errands, I go get the cake that my husband sponsored.

Here is the celebration

Ayam bakar by me

I'm just crazy about dinousor right now.

Just like that, the birthday celebration is over.

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