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My first birthday as a mum and I wish...

Finally, the day I'm waiting for all year long is here!

It's my birthday!!!😁😁

But, this year is different because I am a mum now and the pandemic is on going too.

After being mum, I already expect that the birthday is different.

Usually, one day before my birthday, I will super busy to do preparation like go buy and do decoration, shopping cake with my husband or go for pre-birthday dinner but this year, I can't go anywhere to celebrate and because we are having different priority too, our son.

For pre-birthday( I called it pre-birthday), I managed to go out with my husband alone, we went to settle some errands, go to "tapau" lunch at our favourite lunch spot at Cheras and buying our son needs for next month. I really missed to go shopping with my husband, we rarely do that now as we need one of us taking care of our son during the weekend.

For my birthday preparation this year, I managed to go buy the decoration but I don't manage to buy my birthday cake that my husband sponsored because I was so busy to go buy Christmas decoration too.

But, I can't do the decoration because while trying to do decoration, my son is crying wanted to sleep so I need to put him to sleep. Also, since I will be on leave tomorrow, I need to finish up/update the material for the meeting too...fuh! I just can't believe I will do my work during my birthday and on weekend too. But, it's important and urgent, so no choice.

For my birthday this year, I don't have any other wish, 


My son is growing healthy and happy

My husband and I always love and madly love each other

My career will be better and improve

last but not least, I AM HAPPY AND FEELING GOOD!

How's your birthday when you become first mum?

Please share.



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