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My thoughts on working from home as a new mum

Hi there,
Its Thursday and almost Friday!! Fuhh!! What a week, not yet lah...what a day right?
Each day have their own challenge. Some of it expected and some of it unexpected.
I'm learning to accept the challenge, I never expect a smooth day, I need to put in my mindset, there will be a new challenge today and I can do it!
I always expect a smooth sailing before but now, I need to change. I need to always be ready especially now, I work from home(WFH). I started to WFH since March like everyone else, when the MCO started and to be honest, before this MCO things, I wish I can WFH, especially after being pregnant and now, having my son. The . No, the wish come true so enjoy the moment.
After experienced WFH for a few months now, here is my thoughts;


1. No need to travel
I wake up as per usual because my husband did not work from home so sometimes I need to fetch him to MRT station if he doesn't want to drive or if I want to use our car to run errands on that day. Currently, we have one car as another car we rented it.
Since I no need to travel,its save my time.
Usually, I will open my laptop around 8.30-9.00am and start to load all the emails and prioritize the email that sends to me( Dear Aya or Paya). While the emails load, I will check my to-do lists of the day. Not everyday  I have my to-do list as I want to be flexible( always expect for ad hoc things).

2. I can manage my time well
I think during this WFH, I can manage my time.
I wake up at the same time every day, I managed to make breakfast and dinner for my husband every morning and in the evening. 
For lunch, I found it harder to make it since its a busy day. Also, the best thing about WFH, I can go run my errands during lunchtime and continue my work after that or I can make time for my son for a while, usually during lunchtime. Sometimes I order food via GrabFood so the waiting time, I will spend with my son. See him awake, giggling, angry and etc make me feel good.

3. Save money
When the WFH, since we need to travel often, petrol spending is decreasing.
But, groceries and electric bills are increased. But its okay.Food can make me happy.

4. I have a slot for my son
This is main reason I love WFH. Finally, I can have a slot with him. I called it slot because I'm not taking care of my baby 24hours. So, few hours in a day I gotta spend with my son.

1. Hard to work-life balance
This is a worrying part for WFH. 
Now that I'm accessible even at home so the work seems non stop. During the early days, I slow to adapt to this change. It's hard but needs to accept change. I feel like I'm working longer than what should I work. I need to keep update and online.

2. I missed my colleagues
I missed my colleagues whenever we need to WFH. I will not meet them often. For me, a good colleague is good and I can work without feeling anxiety or worry all the time.

3. I missed my workplace
I occasionally go to the office but still, I missed my workplace. I missed the "chaos" at the office. I never knew that this year we will do work individually and I never knew, my tasks will be different this year. 

To be honest,
I can say I love WFH more than WFO. If can say in percentage, WFH is 60% and WFO is 40%
I'm thankful for able to WFH even occasionally. What do you think of wfh so far? 
Let me know about your experience.
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