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My weekend as a working mum

Hi there,

How are you? How's your weekend? I hope you have a great one.

I've missed the weekend now. Its just Monday wei! Seeing around me now, all I can see are my laptop, headphone, mouse and monitor, no more my husband and my son's faces all day. So sad! But, this is life for another 5 days before the weekend again.

I've been love weekend for the longest time, haha and after becoming a mum, I become even more love weekend. 

Why? Because it's only two days I fully spend time with my family. I can see them all day long, cook for them, tidy up our home, eat together, watch movie and etc, everything we do together.  I love that! Now, that we have our son, my weekend has become even meaningful. Our 2 days weekend is fully for him because during the weekday, we are so busy and sometimes, we can't really see him doing everything, what we see is he already sleeping. So, during the weekend, we will bathe him, put him to sleep, watching him smile, watching him sleep, try to soothe him whenever he feels uncomfortable love to see him giggling and laughing, its worth it! 

I specifically love Saturday and Sunday morning during the weekend because I can wake up late(hehe) without thinking of my work to-do lists, I just feel freedom and most importantly, I can see my family sleepyhead and messy hair. We always spend around 10- 20 minutes in the bed before we get up and bathing our son. Seeing my son's smile and giggling in the morning is always the best thing to do. I've been so blessed to have my son and my husband on my side every day. I can't imagine how my life without these two important people to me.

I'm totally shut off from my work. 

I saw some messages about work but I "ignored" it but if it's really urgent & important and related to me, I will respond, I respect my colleagues to ask me. I choose to do that because if not, I will not able to spend my weekend with my family. I am someone that really try my best to be best in my job and being responsive too. Also, I'm thinking too much kind of people too. I just can't stop thinking and sometimes its lead to worry if I keep thinking about it. 

Since, it's just 2 days for me to stop thinking of work, I will not take it for granted.

Here is our or my family photos during this weekend.

I planned to write about my weekend from now on here. What do you think?

Before I go, what's the activity that you love to do with your family during weekend?

I would like to hear from you.

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