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After almost a decade of working, what I have learned?

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How are you? I hope you're doing fine and healthy and safe always.

When I think of this article's title, I just feel wow! almost a decade already I'm working. Time really flies very fast and there are so many changes I witnessed and feel. As per usual, I love to share my life experience and this what my blog about. All about sharing life experiences.

I started working on 3 October 2011, I still remember my first day look like. I was nervously getting to know everyone because it's my first job. I still remember I wore an all-black outfit.

Before I started my work, I had a rough starting point actually. I can't find the "bilik sewa" before I go to work but thanks to God, I found one right before I enter work. On my first day at work, I tumpang one of the same workplace with me because I don't have a car. For the first month, I just tumpang some of the colleagues that working at same workplace. That time, there's no e-hailing ( maybe exist but for my side, I don't know about it). After I got my first salary plus with my dad support, I go bought my first car and this time also my first ever big money transcation. I never make a big transcition before and I think this is the starting point to make a big transcations. 

- Be good or at least know your senior at college/university

Most of the people that help me at my beginning are my senior at college. Actually, I don't really know them since they are far different batch than me.

- Enjoy the rough starting point

Starting a journey is not an easy one. There are many obstacles but I can say, enjoy it and learn from it.

- Have a career plan/career vision

I don't really have this from the beginning because I don't have any idea. I think I got it quite late but there's no late in this life.

- While you at it, be good and responsible for your job.

I am not perfectly good and responsible for my job, sometimes I make mistakes and seems not doing my job but I really tried my best to give my everything.

- Enjoy meeting many types of people

Everyone is not same, semua ada perangai tersendiri. So, you can't control others behaviours so enjoy meeting them. If there something you can learn from them, learn and if there something that not good enough about them, if you can tell them, just tell them. If no, then just ignore it and go forward.

- Have life goals and determine to achieve them

I had achieved most of my life goals this decade. I get my boyfriend, my fiance', my husband, the same person lah. I mean, I got to experience how bercinta cintun, getting engaged and getting married. Also, I become a mother too. 
On the other side, I bought my first house and hopefully to pay off my first car loan May 2021.

This is the lessons that I can think of now. I will keep updating this if I can come out with many. I wrote this article at 6am haha. I am really thankful for this almost one-decade life experiences. 

And, I am ready to embark a new life journey for the next decade. I will share about this at a different post.

For now, peace!


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