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[Announcement ] Revamp my blog

Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

How are you? I hope you doing well and safe wherever you are.

Before 2020 end, I would like to announce that, I'm revamping my blog ( merombak blog saya).

As you know, my blog is all rojak topics before, ada fashion, ada food, ada travel and etc. 

So, next year which is lusa, I would like to revamp it and focus on one niche/topic which is blog about PARENTING. Start from my pregnancy journey and tips, my deliver and labor, raising my son and our life as a new family. Also, sharing tips and review and tools that can make your life as a new parent easier. 

I still going to talk about other stuff ( don't worry non-parent readers) but most of the time it will be all about parenting thingy. No worries, eventually you will become one and hopefully, you can come back to my blog...hehe.

Why Parenting blog?

We just become a parent this year and we kind of clueless parent ( our first time) and we have many things to learn and looking for a guide. Most of the time, I'm googling or asking friends about what to do, which product is okay or not and how to do that and many things. Banyak bertanya jugalah...

There are many parenting blogs on the internet but mostly western people blogs. I never found one particular blog that blogging about Malaysian parenting that shares about their personal experience, especially from Borneo. So, that's why I think I should do this. 

Oh ya, if you know Malaysia parenting blog, please do comment and share with me. I would like to read and follow. 

I would like to share my personal experience on becoming a parent and the first time parent will be not so clueless and make the parenting journey a little bit easier. I can't magically make it easy for you but at least, make it little easier and most importantly, you don't feel alone in this new journey.

I will share the interesting topics via

+ Blog ( here)

+ Podcasts ( Spotify)

+ Youtube 

+ SocMed ( Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)

Looking forward to embarking this new journey with you.

See you on the next posts.



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