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Christmas traditions that I missed

In 2 weeks, it's Christmas! 

We have decided, we are not going back for Christmas this year 😭😭

This will be my second times not going back for Christmas. It's really sad. Whenever I think of it, I just want to cry all day long but I am a mum & wife now so I can't be "cengeng", I need to be strong even though I really missed my family. We can travel interstate now but we had our baby so it's too risky to travel to our hometown also we need to go under quarantine for 14 days if we go back to Sarawak, we don't have that much annual leave. 😭

When I think of Christmas, one thing that I always remember, I can see my family face to face. 

Also, I always remember the good memories of Christmas back during my childhood. I wish I can back to the old days, my childhood days.

Making homemade biscuits

Back then, when December come, everyday is the most exciting days because every day has Christmas activity like pertandingan bola sepak, pentas nyanyian, persediaan ngabang dan sukaneka. During early December, I remember my sisters and mum will be so busy making homemade biscuits, and not just my family but everyone make it. When I go out, everywhere is smell biscuits. I just love that!

I still can see the tiny me lari sana sini feel so excited about Christmas!

I really miss that moment.

Now, I'm having my own family, I never know I will come this far because I never imagined I will married to the man I love and having kids at 2020.

I know I will be eventually married but I just can't imagine how this will be look like.

Balik kampung see all my family

I missed celebrating Christmas at my hometown. Seeing all my family in one house make me feel happy without doing anything.

I missed to annoyed my sisters ( especially Todz) hehe and she will nagged at me all day long but I just don't care!

I missed talking about anything face to face with my dad after 1 year didn't see and talk to him face to face. I just miss my dad so bad.

I missed seeing all my cousins come to my house and just say hi and brief conversation which I love, I don't care it brief conversation but love to know how's everyone doing.

My mum/sisters homemade food

Most of that, I missed my mum and sister cooks. I usually "tunggu makan" and "cuci pinggan", I really missed the food.

For my family, our Christmas tradition is simple and just like other Kenyah's family.

All must go back to kampung celebrate Christmas.

When we go back, usually we will do makan-makan just to share our thankfulness to God for his love that years. 

As per usual, my mum will make "selukung" or "adut", its a Kenyah traditional food and my sisters will prepare the "cak tung ubi", oh God!! My favorite!

Ngabang/kunjung mengunjungi

During Christmas, there will be ngabang/kunjung mengunjugi tradition. I love this during my childhood. Boleh minum cola all day long and eat delicious biscuit too and can tapau masuk dalam plastic hitam and eat at tuun. I just missed this but as I grew older, I take this for granted. I rarely go ngabang because I just love to spend time with my day and siblings at home. I plan to not to take this for granted this year but lain pulak kejadiannya.

Watch the football game 

Back then, I went to watch the football game with my friends. This is annual event during Christmas. It's so wonderful to see a lot of people come to support and enjoy the game. Now, I wish I can turn back time and go watch with my mum, because my mum loves to go watch the game. Watch the game sambil ngabang-ngabang. How wonderful!

Christmas morning service

I usually went to Christmas morning service with my mum and sister before I get married. Now, that I'm married, I went with my husband. But, this year, its will be different. We will just at home and join the online service. It's really different. But, it's okay. As long as I celebrate every Christmas with my husband and son then everything will be okay.

Even though we are not going back for Christmas this year, I hope we will have a wonderful and meaningful Christmas this year at our home at Semenanjung Malaysia. One day, we definitely going back home so for now, enjoy the celebration here.

Do you have Christmas tradition that you missed now?

Let me know by comment below.



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