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Highlights of 2020

It's 31/December/2020, the last day of 2020.

Just like that, finally, we come to the end of 2020. Wow!!

This year has been…. I don’t know! I can't say it amazing as I think it quite bumpy journey and I have learned so many hard lessons in my life ( every year is the same haha).

So, here is my HIGHLIGHTS this year.

  • I’m pregnant my first child ( weird enough, I missed being pregnant haha)
  • I experienced work from home ( I've been wished for this before, nah…mendapat!, not bad).
  • I experienced maternity leave ( It's not a holiday y'all, its preparation/training for another permanent job as a mother)
  • I experienced giving birth for the first time ( now I can say, its not so scary after all)
  • I experienced how to breastfeeding for the first time ( I think I should try better next time).
  • I experienced postpartum (it's really scary and killing me!, thanks to my friend, Maz and my husband for being there for me!)
  • I experienced berpantang ( I didn't wash my hair for 1 month, gross! but yes this happened!)
  • I experienced being a working mum ( I can say, its really really hard but I choose this path)
  • I tried my best to do my new tasks ( I really try my very best but maybe its not for me)
  • I finally have the courage to make a change in my career ( I really really scared to make a change actually but I determined to make a change, pray for me!)
  • I admit I still have a problem with my financial management ( I really want to get out from this)
  • I admit I’m still cengeng with my mum ( I still cry when my mum left me after my pantang, I make a post about it  >>> HERE.)
  • I still have my baby weight body, I need to get rid of this a.s.a.p. This evening I will start to go for exercise.

2020 has been so many ups and down but its AMAZING because we got our first child, Karl Sibal.

It’s really changed our life.

We don’t sleep like we sleep before.But, sometimes tersleep lebih hahha

We don’t go out like we go out before. Always want to come back home early and asap because I miss my baby.

Some of the things still the same because not everything can change overnight and not mean to be to change.

For this last day of 2020, I just feel thankful for,

  • still alive well and enough ( even I had so many thing going on)
  • still survived because of God with me.
  • I have my family with me.
  • I have my friend, Wiwie helped me for taking care of our baby. 
  • I can VC my family at kampung

As 2020 become to end, I make a bold decision in my life that going to change my 2021.

The future is uncertain but I believe and have faith in God and do my best toward uncertainties.

For now, let’s be grateful and enjoy life.

To 2020,

thank you so much for “come to my life” and I able to experience you. Never ever think that you will be so different than the previous year. We experienced many new things.

To my readers,

thank you so much for reading my blog.

I hope you learn something useful from my blog or you feel a good vibes here. This is the place I love to write and be so frank or honest about what I have experienced in my life. I hope you enjoy read and learn something for your life.

As I mentioned on my previous post, I revamp my blog to become parenting blog. But, non parent readers don't worry, I still write about life experience that everyone can learn from.

I hope you have a good experience in 2020 and if its bad, let's do our best in 2021.

Before I end this post, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 in advance!

See you next year! ( virtually here).

Sincerely and full of love and blessing to you,


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