My first ever Podcast in Spotify

08 December 2020

Hi there!

Finally, I'm brave enough to hit that publish button to release my first ever podcast today.

I've been wondering for a long time, how they make podcasts? So, I do my own research and I found how to. I will share on a different post on "How to make your own Podcasts?".

I'm still learning how to do this so please bear with me if any weakness during this first episode.

Since I love Podcasts so much, I really wanted to make one. Listen to people talk tell stories and talk about anything, I just love that. I'm not just listening to my favourite music on Spotify, most of the time especially when I'm driving, I listened to my favourite podcasts. My current favourite is Mamak sessions, TED Talks and Unexplained Mysteries by Parcasts Network.

I love listening to Podcasts because I remember back in the day, I love to listen to storytelling on the radio every Sunday evening, it's RTM radio. I don't remember the exact name of the program but back then, there's a program like this on the radio. 

I just love to hear people talking telling story and experiences.

So, I decided to make my own.

Before I hit published today, I listen to it many times, I feel funny and insecure but I really want to make my dream to have my own podcasts come true so I just hit publish! Whatever it is, I will improve next time. I just need to START SOMEWHERE so I start to make my dream come true today.

You can listen to it by click link below:

or you can search me on Spotify, search : keriitleto

I hope you enjoy listening to my first ever Podcasts and don't forget to share feedback if any so I can improve next time.

I hope to have you on the next episode.

Thanks and love,


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