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Baby grocery haul December 2020

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How are you? I hope you feel good.

Being a parent is an exciting journey as well its come with responsibility. As a parent, we are responsible to make sure our baby need is always enough. After being a parent for 5 months now, I think I got the spending patterns.

Every month, here is our spending on our son.

1. Pampers

We usually bought 2 packs. Currently, we still try and error any brands. We don't really stick on a specific brand. We still experimenting.

Usually, our budget for pampers is RM100/month.

2. Formula Milk

We choose to give our baby formula milk due to my situation, I can't share details here but with heavy heart, we go for formula milk. We are thankful our baby can drink affordable formula milk.

Usually, our budget for formula milk is RM100/month as one pack (900ml) is RM25 and one month usually our son drink 4 packs.

3. Cleansing liquid

I never know that we need to use specific cleansing liquid for baby stuff before this...haha.

But, I had a common sense on this actually as I saw Baby cleansing liquid.

Our budget for this usually RM50/month but we usually stock up so we are not buying every month.

4. Laundry liquid

Usually, we just bought many so we don't buy this every month.

Our budget for this is RM50. So, we can buy 5 packets of laundry liquid. We can use it for up to 2 months.

5. Toys

This one we need to buy every month as he develops different every month so I bought toys according to his months. Our budget for this one is RM100, it depends.

Total spending on baby grocery for December 2020 = RM400

For next month, we don't need to buy cleansing liquid and laundry liquid as we already stock up for January until February 2021. So, maybe the budget will go for other stuff.

How do your new parent spend on your baby grocery?

Share with me.



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