Hello there!

Finally, I am able to finish up our wedding preparation at my kampung video...after almost 1 year plus. It really takes time! I'm glad I can finish it so I can upload it on Youtube and watch it over and over again in future. This is my sweet memories so I need to keep it forever. 

You can watch the video by link below or video.

This is some of it and more coming soon.

Hope you enjoy!



#throwback: Our wedding preparation at my kampung (Video)

28 January 2021

Happy 1Y4M to my dear husband!

This is how we going out nowadays...haha

I'm with my messy hair, no makeup at all and the appearance, oh God! I also scared see myself but anyhow I get to comfortable with my husband now so I can go out like I just get up from my bed...haha

I am really grateful for having my husband.

What really highlighted this month is I love it when we kissed each other before go to work and say I love you before we go on with our day. Nothing more I want than this.

Monthsary stories : It's our 1Y4M

19 January 2021

It's been a while since my last sharing about our house update.

We've been so busy with our life. 

Having a baby is not that easy as everyone said this and it's really true but it's worth it and satisfying to see our baby smile and healthy. No other wishes than see him smile and healthy. Even we are so busy with our new life, we never forget what our dreams and slowly we want to make it come true.

For me, I really wanted to fully work from home doing what I'm really passionate about which are, writing a useful articles on my blog, sharing my life experience that people can maybe learn from, sharing tips here and there and also, now I also want to expand it to Podcasts. The same topic on my blog and also available on my podcasts too.

I want my articles available at many platform so everyone can easy access and learn from it. Its sound so easy right? But, to make it come true, work harder and make time.

As for my husband, he dream to have home studio so he can make his music, playing music is his passion and I love it when he can do his passion too.

So, since we have common dreams especially the environment thing, so we decided to invest on our home studio.

What we need,

- Table ✔

- Chair ✔

- Monitor 

- Laptop 

- Camera 

- Microphone 

- Headphone 

- Tripod 

Basically, we complete on the environment preparation.

So, its really time to make a good content.

One of our dream is having our own home studio so here we can create a useful contents, we are not yet make it but slowly and surely we will make it someday.

I planned to revamp my blog for 2021.

House update: Our home studio

12 January 2021

Hi there!
I'm not pregnant now but I would like to share about my first pregnancy cost. As I always said on my blog, I love to share my experience so people can learn from it. This time, I will share the cost being pregnant in Malaysia. I hope to newlywed or couples out there can have a glimpse on pregnancy cost in Malaysia in 2019/2020 ( I'm being pregnant start on Oct 2019- July 2020, post pregnancy after that until now).
Do you ever know how much it cost being pregnant?
I know, you can google it and there will be an article about it. But, on my blog I will share from my experience.

Here is a list of MAJOR costs.
1. Prenatal costs
- Regular check up
I choose to do my regular check up at government clinics because it's cheap. I just pay RM1 during my registration and no more fees after that. But, need to bear with crowded people. But, since COVID-19, I didn't face this situation very much. They control the people that can come in. So, okay lah.
Cost : RM1.

- Ultrasound scans
We choose to do ultrasound scans one time during my pregnancy at the private clinic because we want to make sure our baby is healthy and really confirm the gender. I did write about this HERE.
Cost: RM120.

- Food and drink
I think this one is cost a lot during my pregnancy as I wanted to eat that and this. I'm not tracking it but I can say, this cost us a lot.
Cost: No tracking pula

- Clothes
I didn't buy many clothes during my pregnancy as I already bought pregnancy-friendly clothes but I did buy a lot of pants because all my pants is not fit anymore.
Cost: No tracking pula but you need to have budget for this.

- Shoes
This one, I think splurged a bit. My feet become bengkak so need to buy comfortable shoes. I bought 2 shoes at Bata.
Cost: No tracking pula but you need to have budget for this.

- My mum and brother's flight tickets
I want my mum to take care of me during my maternity leave so I bought them flight tickets to come here. Its cost a lot because its after PKP.
Cost: No tracking pula but you need to have budget for this if you're from Sabah/Sarawak.

2. Delivery cost

The table below summarises the estimated costs during pregnancy and birth at a government and private hospital respectively.

Major CostsGovernment HospitalPrivate Hospital
Normal monthly checkups before deliveryRM3,000
Various pregnancy tests/scansRM1,000
Normal deliveryRM60 – RM2,000RM3,000 – RM10,000
C-Section deliveryRM100 – RM800RM6,000 – RM15,000
C-Section (emergency)Up to RM20,000
I will share on a different post about whether to delivery at Government hospital or private hospital. 
Basically, my delivery cost just RM160 ( if not mistaken, my husband paid for it, so I don't remember) because I delivered our baby at Government hospital and normal delivery. FYI, I stayed at the hospital for 1 week and I got the epidural. That's affordable right?

3. Post delivery
- Confinement care
I don't need to spend on this as my mum come to take care of me. Thank God, its PKPP that time.
- Groceries
I need to eat good food during my confinement time such as salmon. I ate this every day during my first month.
- Baby needs
Such as breastmilk pump, bottle feeding, milk warmer and etc.

4. Baby care
- Babysitter
After my maternity leave, I need to back to work so I need to have someone to take care of our baby. So, I hired a babysitter that stayed with us.
- Baby needs ( diapers, formula milk, wet tissues, clothes etc)

Being pregnant and having a baby is cost a lot. But, seeing our bundle of joy make me able to bare these costs. I love my baby so much... God will always help.

To newlywed/couples/you out there, 
are you ready for this?


My first pregnancy cost

11 January 2021

Another #keriitletocook post.

I think I start to love to cook now because obviously, I am a wife and mum now, need to always cook so my husband and my son will remember how the homemade food tastes like. This is not an overnight process so that why I start to learn to cook now. Hopefully, they can remember each taste of the food I make. Also, we can save money too. I've been experiment with this actually. I ordered food for one month, it's not every day but very frequent and its actually make me spend a lot. So, I need to stop that now.

One of our favorite is sup babi salai!

Last time, my husband did cook this with his friend but I remember the taste but forget to ask how to cook it. I did ask my husband but I not believe him it's this simple...haha.

I tried to make it but not taste like what they make.

Then, this 2021, I tried to put the salai babi and air and masak until masak... yess I finally can make it. Believe or not, I make it since Friday evening I think....hahaha


1. Babi salai

2. Air

Cara- cara membuatnya:

1. Masukkan air dalam periuk

2. Didihkan

3. Masukkan babi salai yang telah dipotong kecil.

4. Masakkan sampai empuk dan jangan lupa letak garam dan ajinomoto.

5. Siap

Untuk kamu yang suka tengok Youtube, saya ada juga sediakan cara-cara memasaknya.

Masakan ini sedap dimakan dengan nasi panas atau mee goreng...yummmm. Tambah lagi cili limau kicap...aduhhh

Selamat mencuba!


Cara-cara memasak sup babi salai sedapppp

10 January 2021

One of passion is eating.

After being a wife and mother now, I become more attached to food. Cook a good food is must for me because I love to see my husband adding rice and saying " so sedap" even though he will say that to all food I cook but the action is really mean for me.

This time, I learned how to cook ikan masin asam jawa from Wiwie. I love this.

So, I want you to learn it too because its so simple and sedap.


1. Ikan masin ( dipotong kecil, ikut kehendak kamu)

2. Asam jawa

3. Bawang putih dan bawang merah

4. Gula

Cara- cara memasaknya:

1. Letakkan minyak dan gorengkan bawang putih dan bawang merah sehingga garing.

2. Letakkan ikan masin dan gorengkan dengan sekata dengan bawang yang telah garing dan letakkan sedikit gula.

Tips: Gorengkan ikan masin sampai warna keemasan atau ikan masin nampak bengkok.

3. Letakkan air asam jawa yang telah diletakkan Maggie secukup rasa.

4. Gaulkan sampai air gorengan agak kering( tapi jangan kering sangat, just nice orang Putih kata)

5. Siap!

Saya ada juga rakamkan video cara cara memasaknya, boleh tengok videonya dibawah;

Masakan ini sangat sedap kalau dimakan dengan nasi panas-panas, walaooo weh!

Selamat mencuba!



Cara-cara memasak Ikan masin asam jawa

09 January 2021

Hello there! I'm back to Youtube land after MIA...haha New year, fresh start! After doing a reflection on my life, one of what I want to achieve this year is to create more contents on Youtube land. Why? To be honest, I want to earn money because I saw everyone making money from Youtube so I'm curious, betul ke? So, let's do experiment whether betul ke x? At the same time, I want to document my life/my family life this year. My son is growing so fast so need to keep/freeze the memories. I hope you like my video! Please do share, like and subscribe my channel if you haven't do that. Love you, 


First Youtube video in 2021

05 January 2021


Our family photos 2021

02 January 2021

Before New Year 2021, we tried to do FB Live for our church Tahun Baru service.
It's a lot of improvement to make.
But, at least we tried.
So, here is the photos of this trial.

FB Live Experience

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