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Cara-cara memasak sup babi salai sedapppp

Another #keriitletocook post.

I think I start to love to cook now because obviously, I am a wife and mum now, need to always cook so my husband and my son will remember how the homemade food tastes like. This is not an overnight process so that why I start to learn to cook now. Hopefully, they can remember each taste of the food I make. Also, we can save money too. I've been experiment with this actually. I ordered food for one month, it's not every day but very frequent and its actually make me spend a lot. So, I need to stop that now.

One of our favorite is sup babi salai!

Last time, my husband did cook this with his friend but I remember the taste but forget to ask how to cook it. I did ask my husband but I not believe him it's this simple...haha.

I tried to make it but not taste like what they make.

Then, this 2021, I tried to put the salai babi and air and masak until masak... yess I finally can make it. Believe or not, I make it since Friday evening I think....hahaha


1. Babi salai

2. Air

Cara- cara membuatnya:

1. Masukkan air dalam periuk

2. Didihkan

3. Masukkan babi salai yang telah dipotong kecil.

4. Masakkan sampai empuk dan jangan lupa letak garam dan ajinomoto.

5. Siap

Untuk kamu yang suka tengok Youtube, saya ada juga sediakan cara-cara memasaknya.

Masakan ini sedap dimakan dengan nasi panas atau mee goreng...yummmm. Tambah lagi cili limau kicap...aduhhh

Selamat mencuba!


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