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House update: Our home studio


It's been a while since my last sharing about our house update.

We've been so busy with our life. 

Having a baby is not that easy as everyone said this and it's really true but it's worth it and satisfying to see our baby smile and healthy. No other wishes than see him smile and healthy. Even we are so busy with our new life, we never forget what our dreams and slowly we want to make it come true.

For me, I really wanted to fully work from home doing what I'm really passionate about which are, writing a useful articles on my blog, sharing my life experience that people can maybe learn from, sharing tips here and there and also, now I also want to expand it to Podcasts. The same topic on my blog and also available on my podcasts too.

I want my articles available at many platform so everyone can easy access and learn from it. Its sound so easy right? But, to make it come true, work harder and make time.

As for my husband, he dream to have home studio so he can make his music, playing music is his passion and I love it when he can do his passion too.

So, since we have common dreams especially the environment thing, so we decided to invest on our home studio.

What we need,

- Table ✔

- Chair ✔

- Monitor 

- Laptop 

- Camera 

- Microphone 

- Headphone 

- Tripod 

Basically, we complete on the environment preparation.

So, its really time to make a good content.

One of our dream is having our own home studio so here we can create a useful contents, we are not yet make it but slowly and surely we will make it someday.

I planned to revamp my blog for 2021.

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