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Introduced food to my son for the first time

Yesterday, I introduced food to my son for the first time. I am very nervous about this.

I've been researching for this but still feel so nervous about it. My son is officially 6 months old so we can introduce food to him already. For the first day, I introduced him rice porridge and plain water. 

I've many questions in my head now,

+What to feed him?

+ When to start feeding him? How many times I feed him? every meals time just like an adult?

I found an answer, time serving is morning and afternoon.

+ How the milk feeding then? We gave him 4oz every 2 hours and now, how?

I found the answer at --> Makan makanan dahulu dan susu formula sebagai makanan tambahan.

+ How to know he likes it or not?

From my research and reading,

+ Tools preparation

+ Recipe preparation

+ Grocery preparation

+ Time serving

So far, all my knowledge is from what I read online as we do not yet visit the clinic officially, we will visit next Tuesday so I am going to ask Nurses for confirmation.

Actually, he quite merajuk with me after this. Maybe because its too plain? I don't know hahaha.
Let's try again tomorrow.


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