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My first pregnancy cost

Hi there!
I'm not pregnant now but I would like to share about my first pregnancy cost. As I always said on my blog, I love to share my experience so people can learn from it. This time, I will share the cost being pregnant in Malaysia. I hope to newlywed or couples out there can have a glimpse on pregnancy cost in Malaysia in 2019/2020 ( I'm being pregnant start on Oct 2019- July 2020, post pregnancy after that until now).
Do you ever know how much it cost being pregnant?
I know, you can google it and there will be an article about it. But, on my blog I will share from my experience.

Here is a list of MAJOR costs.
1. Prenatal costs
- Regular check up
I choose to do my regular check up at government clinics because it's cheap. I just pay RM1 during my registration and no more fees after that. But, need to bear with crowded people. But, since COVID-19, I didn't face this situation very much. They control the people that can come in. So, okay lah.
Cost : RM1.

- Ultrasound scans
We choose to do ultrasound scans one time during my pregnancy at the private clinic because we want to make sure our baby is healthy and really confirm the gender. I did write about this HERE.
Cost: RM120.

- Food and drink
I think this one is cost a lot during my pregnancy as I wanted to eat that and this. I'm not tracking it but I can say, this cost us a lot.
Cost: No tracking pula

- Clothes
I didn't buy many clothes during my pregnancy as I already bought pregnancy-friendly clothes but I did buy a lot of pants because all my pants is not fit anymore.
Cost: No tracking pula but you need to have budget for this.

- Shoes
This one, I think splurged a bit. My feet become bengkak so need to buy comfortable shoes. I bought 2 shoes at Bata.
Cost: No tracking pula but you need to have budget for this.

- My mum and brother's flight tickets
I want my mum to take care of me during my maternity leave so I bought them flight tickets to come here. Its cost a lot because its after PKP.
Cost: No tracking pula but you need to have budget for this if you're from Sabah/Sarawak.

2. Delivery cost

The table below summarises the estimated costs during pregnancy and birth at a government and private hospital respectively.

Major CostsGovernment HospitalPrivate Hospital
Normal monthly checkups before deliveryRM3,000
Various pregnancy tests/scansRM1,000
Normal deliveryRM60 – RM2,000RM3,000 – RM10,000
C-Section deliveryRM100 – RM800RM6,000 – RM15,000
C-Section (emergency)Up to RM20,000
I will share on a different post about whether to delivery at Government hospital or private hospital. 
Basically, my delivery cost just RM160 ( if not mistaken, my husband paid for it, so I don't remember) because I delivered our baby at Government hospital and normal delivery. FYI, I stayed at the hospital for 1 week and I got the epidural. That's affordable right?

3. Post delivery
- Confinement care
I don't need to spend on this as my mum come to take care of me. Thank God, its PKPP that time.
- Groceries
I need to eat good food during my confinement time such as salmon. I ate this every day during my first month.
- Baby needs
Such as breastmilk pump, bottle feeding, milk warmer and etc.

4. Baby care
- Babysitter
After my maternity leave, I need to back to work so I need to have someone to take care of our baby. So, I hired a babysitter that stayed with us.
- Baby needs ( diapers, formula milk, wet tissues, clothes etc)

Being pregnant and having a baby is cost a lot. But, seeing our bundle of joy make me able to bare these costs. I love my baby so much... God will always help.

To newlywed/couples/you out there, 
are you ready for this?


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