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New Year,Fresh start

First of all, I want to wish "Happy New Year 2021" to you! We made it to 2021!
2020 has been an amazing year and also quite a bumpy year too. I learned so many things and some of it need to re-learn again this year. It's not that I do not want to learn but its take time.
I think I achieved a lot last year especially I became a mother for the first time ever. But I didn't record what I want to achieve during the new year last year so kind of lost.
So, this year I'm going to write it up this time, so I have the record and reminder to myself all year long. 
By end of 2021, here what I want to achieve,

+ Lose my post baby weight( lose 1kg/ month)
- 12kg from my current weight.
+ Love myself more
+ Take care of my mental health
+ Re-learn about financial management
+ Re-learn and improve my relationship with God.

+ Go somewhere beautiful with my family
+ More time with my husband and son
+ Remember to call my mum and dad once a week- vc 
+ Remember to wish my siblings n cousin happy birthday
+ Remember to share update about us with my in laws 

+ Take care of our home better
+ Buy fan for another two rooms
+ Create partition between kitchen and living room
+ Print our family photos for decoration.
+ Buy meja kecil for our balcony
+ Menanam at our balcony
+ Buy Sony TV for our home

+ Do a new and better job every day.
+ Learn new experience
+ New better job before finish my notice period

[Social Media]
+ I want to achieve 1000 followers on my IG ( current is 230) >> you can help me by follow me HERE.
+ I want to achieve 1000 followers on my FB Page ( current is 410)  >> you can help me by follow me HERE.
+ I want to write consistent on my blog and earn money/ sponsored/viewers
+ I want to actively make a YouTube video and gain subscribers to 1000 ( current is 696) >> you can subscribe me HERE.

From time to time, I will revisit this post and update it. I dont want it "terbengkalai".

For now, this is what I want to achieve. Let's do this!!!

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