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10 Lessons I learned on my first year being a mom

02 July 2021

Hello, my dear friends!

Welcome to my blog for the first time reader and thank you for visit my blog for those not first time hehe

Yesterday is my son's first birthday so meaning it's been 1 year since I become a mom. There are a lot lessons learned and in this post, I will be share it.

Without further due, let's check it out.


1. Stronger heart

Before I'm being a mom, I always thought I'm having a strong heart and I can face any challenges but when I become a mom, I know I need to have a stronger heart as one human being depends on me now. In the early day, I can say, I don't have a stronger heart, I cried whenever I went to NICU, and the nurses and doctors calm me down ( maluuu when I think back). 

Why need to have a stronger heart?

You will face many unexpected challenges while you with your newborn but always remember don't be so fragile. You can do this!

2. Calm down

I still remember those early days when my baby just a newborn, whatever happens to my baby, I will panicking and crying, I already forget what is calm down. Slowly, I learned how to calm down whatever happens, everything will be okay.

Why need to calm down?

Again, the same reason as above. You will face many unexpected challenges and sometimes the challenges will make a storm so you need to calm down to face it well.

3. Use common sense

We are human so we have common sense. Whenever you see something wrong with your baby and your sense feel something wrong, immediately bring him to the hospital. 

Why need to use common sense?

What I mean here is don't waste time to try this and that, use your common sense.

4. Enjoy the moment

I can say, I really enjoyed my moment being with my newborn son until now. I can't really think how can I live without my son now.

5. Everything will be okay

Every challenges will be have the solution so during the hardest time, always remember 

6. You no need to follow others, do what you can do

Especially in breastfeeding. Its really recommended to direct breastfeeding your baby but if your condition or you won't do it because of whatever reason, its okay. No need to follow others, do what you can do!

7. Don't do it all alone

Taking care of your baby is not just your responsibility. Always involved your husband since the beginning. Always ask your husband to help you, maybe he just sit there because he don't know what to do, teach him so he can do it next time.

8. Never stop dreaming

Even though you became a mom, never stop dreaming. As for me, I always dream to write useful articles that can help/inspired many people and at the same time, I dream for my family too.

9. Love your body

This one is the hardest lesson. I tried to love my body, I can go back to my previous body shape if I want but for now, I am too lazy for that. Someday I will back to my previous shape or even better.

10. Communicate well with your husband

To go through this parenthood, always communicate well with your husband. Don't keep it to yourself.


After one year, I love being a mom. I missed my son even I went out for few minutes.

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