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6 common challenges as working mom & how to overcome it

21 July 2021

Hello, my fellow working moms,

How are you today? I hope you are well.

As for me, thank God, I am okay and happy with my life now.

Before this, I always feel anxious about everything in this life but recently I read the devotional plan, Who controls your thoughts? This devotional plan really makes me change my mindset.

As a working mom, there are a lot of things going on head in one day, right? As a human, we always had hectic schedule in our life and then when we become a wife, its double and then when become a mom, its triple busy...haha

So, today post I want to share 6 common challenges as a working mom and how to overcome it.

Please note, I am not expert on motherhood but I've done a lot of reading and research about this, so I hope this will be useful for you.

Enjoy reading.


1. Constantly try to maintain a work-life balance.

Being a working mom can be extremely tedious and exhausting. Besides having to handle their professional work, we also have to tend to our household chores and look after their kid. This drastically affects their work-life balance and takes a toll on their emotional as well as mental health.

2. Constant struggle with guilt

Mothers are truly one of a kind. While as an individual, they have dreams and aspirations, but according to the societal norms, like mothers, they must also be the sole nurturers in the family. This is why there is a constant and ceaseless feeling of guilt that remains in the conscience of all mothers, where if they choose their careers over their home, they are placed at a questionable position.

3.Always an underlying conflict between what she wants and what she must do.

After you become a mother, this is what you need to deal with. But, don't feel sad. There a way to do what you want. As for me, I love blogging and I will do it whenever my baby sleep or my husband take care of our baby while I'm writing. Actually, the process is not easy but I will make time for whatever I want.

4.Never-ending efforts to multitask

 Another common challenge faced by working women is the constant need to multitask. Whether they are working at an office or from home, they must constantly tackle their time between their personal and professional life.

5. Limited time for ‘Self’

A working woman, while performing the role of the mother and a professional, forget to invest any time on herself. There is no recreation period for them, even when they are on work leave. It’s either this or that. There is just no time for oneself.

As for me, I will make time for myself on the early morning or late night.

6.The need to be perfect all the time 

Well, surely working women are the modern-day representation of a superwoman, however, they cannot be perfect all the time. The societal expectations and the need to be perfect all the time can sometimes take a great toll on mothers, especially the ones who are also working.


While it may seem extremely difficult to break away from the troubles of being a working mother as well as a full-time mother, there is always a solution to tackle these situations in life. That being said, if you’re a working mom and are facing similar challenges, here are a few ways you can overcome them with just some extra effort.

Organize and plan

 I always do my best to organize and plan my work or to do beforehand so I can manage my time efficiently. For example, I will plan our menu every Sunday evening so I no need to think about what to eat during work day and same goes to my son's menu. I feel by plan beforehand its really help. But, always remember there's no perfect plan so take it easy.

Work as a team with your husband

Always involved your husband in everything that is related to your family especially your child. As for me and my husband, whenever there's a checkup for our son, he always comes teman us, even though he cannot go in but knowing that he is there for us is the best feeling ever.

Develop a good relationship with relatives/friends around you

Just in case of emergency, they can help you to take care of your child while you are away for work. For me, I have my friend as our babysitter so its really help me a lot. I no need to think of my baby when I'm at work.

Make sure always complete or sharing your tasks with your colleagues

Work never ends so my principle is always trying to finish my work and sharing my task's progress and location just in case if there an emergency happens they know where and what the progress.


I know, these challenges are not easy to go through but embrace them, embrace motherhood. Always remember, you are the mother of beautiful child and they need you to be happy.

Also, always remember why you become a working mom at first place.

Don't be so hard on yourself okay?



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