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Food preparation tips for working moms

07 July 2021

Hello Moms!

How are you today? I hope you doing so well. 

This week, I'm going to share tips on food preparation. As working mom, sometimes we overwhelming with food preparation things. Usually, I will go for groceries shopping on Sunday evening and after that, I will do the preparation ( like washing, cutting, susun). Its took time but its save a lot of time during the weekdays.

Please note, I am not perfect on this. Sometimes I do take out because I am too tired to cook hahaha.

So, without futher due, here are tips based on my experience,

Pre-groceries shopping

  • Eat first
  • Create planned menu
  • List out all items need to buy in order to cook that menu
  • After you have done this, then only can go shopping. If not, you will put everything on the trolley.

During groceries

Only buy what on the list. Even though during your shopping trip, tercetus idea.

After groceries

  • Wash all the items
  • Cut it
  • Store it properly, using zip lock or bekas.
  • Keep the list of what you have in the fridge
  • I do labelling manually sekarang for easy track

My assistance, Karl Sibal yang comel dan rajin buka peti sejuk.

Hopefully tips ni berguna utk anda.
Jika anda ada tips lain, sila kongsikan juga.

Jumpa lagi.

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