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How to survive as WFH mom during MCO/PKPD

14 July 2021


Hello there my fellow moms! 

How are you, Mom? I hope you doing fine. Every day, as you were aware, the COVID-19 cases in our country keep increasing and seem never decrease to less than 4000. As on the news, the PKP/ MCO will be 'end' when the cases below 4000/day but now, it's always above that. So, sad!
As working moms, mostly we work from home(WFH) now, and based on this condition, we will continue to WFH. I know, being a mom and working at the same time and at the same place, its never easy. It needs good know-how or tips to do it together.

I believe many of us working mom doesn't have a helper or in house babysitter while you're working and I truly understand that. I had my in-house babysitter, which is my friend and I am so grateful for this! It really helps me a lot as a working mom. If you have a helper/in-house babysitter just like me, then that will be super useful as you can concentrate while you're working.

But, as for me, I actually can't really concentrate because whenever I heard my son cried, even though I know my babysitter with him, naluri keibuaan tu kuat betul, mesti I want to go see him...haha. 

For those who does not have a helper/in-house babysitter, I know now it's the hardest situation but believes that you can do this ya! 

All these tips based on my reading, research and some of it based on my own experience as well.

I hope it can help you a bit.

#1. Stay calm

In current situation, everyone definitely feel chaos/angry! We stayed at home for more than a month, but at the same time, we still working as per usual, the stress that we usually have at work still or keep coming but there no way to release it. During this hardest time, we need to always remind ourselves to stay calm and being creative on how to release stress, I know it's not that easy to do that but no choice we need to do in order to maintain our sanity.

How you can do this?

For me, I will take time to go out ( drive) to our nearby area and just watch the outside world. I feel relieved after I do that. If you have your kid with you, you can go outside your house like go to parking, mailbox or just go outside before the pagar to breath the air.

#2. Plan and prepare

When you WFH mom, you need to handle 2 big things in our house which are housework and work. These 2 things need your focus and attention. Before this, when we go to the office to work, we can separate it as we went to office and we can focus on work and when we come back home, we focus on our housework. But now the situation is so different. Both you need to do in your own house. Its feel so crazy, I feel you.

How can you do this?

Usually, for housework, we will deal with food, drink, wash dishes, clothes and tidy up our house including taking care of our kids. For things that we can plan and prepare like food and drink, prepare that early every week. I mean, you go for groceries shopping on Sunday, prepare the food for next week. For wash dishes, clothes and tidy up the house, don't be so hard on yourself. Do it whenever you can and ask for help from your husband. 

#3. Quiet time with God

For Christian, we called it devotional time but I love to call it quiet time with God because this is a time where I spend time with God on my own. Praise God and read the scriptures. Because these scriptures will help or guide me through the day.

For others, you can spend a quiet time with God too according to your religion practices.

Why do this?

During this hardest time, it so hard to stay sane! The only way to stay sane is spend time with God, know that God is in control.

How can you do this?

For me, I dedicate time to do this since I had my son. I will do it from 6am - 7am every day. During this time, I praise God with songs, read scriptures and read my reading plan. After that, I will pray/talk to God about my life, what's my plan, my worries and etc, just say everything.

#4. Ask help

If you feel like you can't do it anymore or you almost can't do it anymore, please please ask help. Don't afraid to do so. If you having a problem with work, you can let your manager know and if you having a money problem, you can ask your family or if they can't, they so many way people want to help nowadays like the bendera putih movement. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

#5. Enjoy the moment

I know, it's hard to enjoy this kind of moment. But, we need to enjoy it, try to look from other perspectives, the positive side of this situation. When we WFH, after work, we can spend time with family because we are not traveling to work. The traveling time we use to spend with our family. How great is that?

Whenever I feel so down with my WFH, I always remind myself, this moment will never come again after the pandemic is over, so while we at it, enjoy it to the maximum so no regret in the future. 


I know the situation is hard now but please remember that this will be pass someday and definitely you going to miss it especially the working from home because you can see your kids every day and also you no need to make up to go to work haha

While we at it, enjoy it and always remember that, God is in control and everything will be okay.

I hope this post can make you feel better and encouraged!

Thanks for reading.

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