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Karl Sibal 1st Birthday

01 July 2021


Hi everybody!!
Last time I said permanently goodbye to my "blogging career" but now I know, writing is one of my passion and I can't stop thinking about writing on my blog.
So, I decided to be back with the new name and a new look but use the free platform so I won't need to leave again soon due to the cost...
For the first post for a fresh start, it all about my son. We just celebrated his 1st birthday!!
I am so thankful we can make it!
So, here is how's our day going.

Good morning birthday boy!

We went to the clinic for vaccination for 1 year. He cried so hard.

My husband and I went to buy a birthday cake for him at @rarakitchy, a beautiful last minute cake

Do the decorations and take a nap with our baby

Birthday celebrations with family via video calls

Just like that, our son is 1st year old!!
How times fly!
But, we are so grateful and blessed.

Thank you for everyone's wishes.
God bless.

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