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The REAL reasons I'm back to work

16 July 2021

Hello, my fellow moms!

How are you today? I hope you doing well. If you're first time here, welcome and enjoy!

If you are frequent here, thank you so much for visit my blog again.

Today, I want to share the REAL reason I'm back to work or why I want to be a working mom again after taking a break for 2 months? 

I hope this post will inspire you. Without futher due, let's get started.

Choose to be a working mom is never easy especially if you are a first-time mom.

I still remember my first day as a working mom...

I gave birth to our son in July 2020 and back to work after two months of maternity leave in September 2020. The feeling is I just can't describe. I started to try my best to balance family and work until I forgot something important which is my mental health.

As a working mom, I always do my best to be a good mom and wife everyday and as an employee, I also try my best to be good in what I do. But, I am not perfect! 

My work demands my focus and at the same time, my son just 3 months baby, he also needs much attention as well. As a first-time mom, I really don't know how to balance all this two, especially my work. I started to feel something wrong with my mental health because I always feel anxious and depressed about my work every day, it's become really unhealthy.

In December 2020, I decided to quit because I just can't go on anymore. During my notice period, my depression getting worst until I was diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder (MDD) and this really makes me feel my decision to quit my job in December 2020 is right.

I left my job on February 2021 and while being a jobless mom or during this break, I reflect on so many things. I started to think about what I really want in my life especially do I want to be a working mom again? During my break, I finally realized that I can't stop being a working mom now because there are so many things that I need to do as a working mom.

So, here I reveal the real reasons I'm back to work and many some moms out there can relate and its okay.

1. I want to settle my bad debts/loan

I'm not perfect at my money management, I make a lot of money mistakes before I get married so I pay for the consequences now. I had few bad debts which are credit card, personal loan, and my student loan (PTPTN still ongoing payment). These bad debts are some unwise decisions I make in my life and I need to face the consequences now. I put this as #1 because I really want to settle this first.

2. My child's future

I want to contribute to my child's future. I do saving for his education since he was just a newborn. I've learned from my parent and I don't want my child will face the money issue in the future.

3. I'm comfortable having my own money

I'm used to working and getting my own money then spend it on whatever and wherever I want ( no lah, I spend it to pay some of our bills and our living expenses). I used to manage my own money and asking money from my husband to buy what I want seems weird and I feel burden when doing so. It's not bad or you cannot do that, but I feel more comfortable having my own money.

4. I want to contribute to our family economy

From my reading and research, one of the highest reasons why there are family problems is the money issues. When the family having money issues, it's hard to live comfortably and peacefully. Since I still have bad debts and I know that my husband can't afford to pay them on my behalf so I choose to be a working mom so he is less burden and no need to overtime like crazy and he also can have time with our son and me.

5. I want to contribute to my community

Community is important in our life. I won't talk much about this as it's so personal, just between me and God. But, it is one of the reasons I want to back to work again.

6. Work for my own future

We never know what will happen in this life so, in order to prepare for unexpected events happen, I want to keep working and save money for my own future or my family's future. As long as I still got the work skills, I will do it.


No matter what the reason you are back to work, it's valid! It's your life. Just do what the best for your life, never compare with others.

And, no matter you choose to be a working mom or SAHM, you're a good mom.

One day, I plan to be a SAHM mom because I want to focus on my child's development and I want to be with my child every day and at the same time and earn a living by working on my blog and small business.

For now, let's strive for being working moms and don't be so hard on ourselves. Always do your best.



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