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6 life lessons I learned in 2021 (Jan- July)

01 August 2021

Can't believe that it's already August 2021!
I've been through so much these 7 months of 2021. The big thing that has happened is I've quit my long-time job (9 years 4 months) without a proper plan, looking for a new job and financial issue. 
From these ups and down moments, I want to share what I've learned along the way.
Hope it will useful for you.

 1. In God, there's hope

After I take a break from my career for 2 months, I am actively looking for a job, I honestly say, it's not an easy journey. There's a day I feel hopeless and there's a day I feel in God there's hope! Then, I was thinking if I choose to feel hopeless, there's nothing happen and I will feel unhappy. So, I choose to always feel hopeful in God even though there seems no hope, rejections after rejections and sometimes I got a "bad" interviewer but I believe that God sent me that kind of person so I learned something from that. I do more preparation, be more brave and confident about what I can do. 

In whatever situation in this life, never lose hope! God has future for you! I write this besar-besar in front of my home office. So, I always remember not to lose hope.

2. Be brave to leave your comfort zone

As I said, I left my long-time job end of 2020 and my notice period is 2 months so I officially left my job on 19 February 2021. End of 2020, I am determined to leave my comfort zone. I no longer feel growth in that job and it's lead to my major depression disorder too so I determine to just leave it! I am not a tree! The lesson here, if you already feel no growth and you feel it's not good for you anymore, do something! Its not worth it to keep staying and do what you dont want to do. I rather face new challenges than saying " here I am again at the same place and same stress and never-ending". For me personally, its not worth it to stay at comfort zone. I know it's scary but be brave to explore new opportunities, God will lead the way, no worries.

3. Everything needs process, be patience.

After I left my comfort zone, I am actively looking for a job because I need to work to pay my debts and for my future as well. I really become impatience sometimes because as the day goes by, my saving is draining and I really need a job. Then, I realized this is one of the process I need to be in when I left my comfort zone. So, I need to train my brain to be patient and always remind myself, the good day will come and it will be the right timing. And, yes the good day has come! I got the job exactly after 2 months of break and after countless prayers and several interviews. So, be patience!

4. You can change your life direction anytime you want.

I remember I read somewhere, you can change your life, you're not a tree!

Whatever you want to do in life, make sure its make you feel happy, satisfied and good to many. If you feel unhappy, you will stress doing things but if you love doing things, you will be passionate and happy to do. I've been so unhappy with my career for the recent few years and I am desperately want to change and I bravely do it this year and I am happy I do it because I can face new challenges, new environments, and meet new people. It's not easy to change but change needs to be made for new kinds of challenges in life. When there are challenges, there are new skills to be developed.

5. What could go right if I do this?

Whenever we decided to do something, most of the time, we think "What could be wrong things happen if I choose to do this?". I've learned that this is not the right question to ask whenever you want to do something new. I've learned to change from that question to "What could be the right thing that happens if I choose to do this?

Again, I take example from my experience. I've been wanted to quit my previous job many times already and whenever I think of that, I always think what could be wrong things happen if I choose to do that? And, this makes me scared and just forget about it. Then, end of 2020, I changed my question and mindset and I was determined to quit and never look back after that. Now, I can say, I am doing the right thing in my life. I faced new challenges and new things, thanks to God.

6. When there's peace, it's the right thing to do

In life, there will be many times you will face choices. 

You always wanted to make the right choice. Whatever choice and decisions I make in my life, I always ask God about it. Back when I want to get engaged and even married, I asked God, this is the right things to do? I believe God speak to me in the way I feel peace toward it. Of course there bridezilla moment but our relationship feel peace so I go for it.

Same goes to when I decided to quit my job. I know there a lot of things but as point no 5, I always choose to think what could go right if I do this? And, I feel peace when think of it.


This half of the year has been such a ride, ups and low, especially during my jobless time. I feel so low but that makes me closer to God. I can say, I am so proud of myself for choosing to change my life direction, get out of my comfort zone and I am always ready for new challenges and new things.

I hope these life lessons inspired you to do the best in your life.

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