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How's life so far...

24 August 2021


I just can't believe how it's already August 2021!

In 4 months we will say goodbye to 2021! I thought 2021 will be like 2019, I mean we will live like we used to but it's not, its more worst than 2020. Anyhow, I am not complaining as I've learned so much in 2021 so far. 

I am nobody to share my life update with you guys but I think my loyal readers deserved to know what's really happening in my life so far haha. I hope you enjoy reading and learn something ya!

I moved out of my comfort zone

I can say this is the highlight of my 2021 so far! 

I've bravely moved out of my comfort zone which is my job. I've been working at the same company for 9 years and I am really comfortable with the salary, environment, and colleagues and for few recent years, I've been feeling so stuck and I really want to do something new in a new environment! and finally, I determined to move out from it and I am glad I did that because I can say, I see new opportunities, I get to know new people, learn new skills, nervous about new things, no longer nervous about the same damn things that I can't change no matter how hard I tried. I feel so proud of myself for doing this and this is a reminder for me also that God will never leave me no matter what situation I am in.

Explore new opportunity

After 2 months break from my career, I finally got a new job in which I can explore many things, dealing new stuff, and learn about so many new things. I love that! I still feel anxiety about my work but I always remind myself, this is normal and doesn't think too much about it. What the most important is to explore more new things and always do my best every day.

I experienced my son being admitted to the hospital 2x in one month

I will never ever forget this and I think this is the worst experience so far. But, it makes me learned a lot about parenthood and sacrifices during this hardest time. It really tested my endurance as a working mom. I feel guilty for doing my job while my son is sick and I feel bad for taking leave to take care of my son over my work. I just can't deal with that feeling! But, at the end of the day, my son's health is always a priority so I cut that guilty feeling over my work and when I back to work, I do my best and recover all the pendings.

Trying to do business online

I think this is fun to do and I think if I can make it, I can earn extra income. So, I really try my best to do business online like being an agent for a cosmetics brand and try to create a gifting business too but as a working mom it's not easy for me to do it all at one time. I allowed myself to slowly do it. If you are interested to know my online business, you can visit my Instagram account,

Trying my best to be consistent in blogging

I've quit blogging for some time because of the cost. Then, I am back again because I feel this is my passion or something that I am good at. I love writing and sharing my life experience with my readers. I feel happy whenever I posted blog articles and happier when I got feedback or comments from my readers. It's not a lot but one comment already make me happier.

Family Family

I think I never have a free time now unless I stay up to write on my blog haha. I write on my blog while my husband and my son sleeping. Its all about them. But, I am happy to do all things for them.

Thanks God for always taking care of me and my family. I will never ever take this for granted! I will always to living good and always care for others.

Finally, I hope you find this article interesting haha and you enjoy it!



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