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How to manage time as a working mom

11 September 2021


I’ve been a working mom for almost one year now and I can say, time management is most important as a working mom. If you're a working mom and you don't know how to manage your time, you will be doomed, which I always experience and still try to improve on now.

It’s quite challenging now as I’m working from home, I never ever prepare for this but I need to follow the current situation. It’s not easy working from home as the environment is the same as you handle your family. I admit that sometimes I didn’t manage to prepare lunch and dinner, its because I feel too exhausted with my work.

So, I don't want this to happen for a long time so I do research and learn from the tips from fellow working moms.

Set your priority

Recognize what is your life priority now.

As for me, my priority now is my work, my family, and my well-being. I still had other things like my pelayanan at church, my new venture in Unit Trust, my small business so I know I can’t do all of this at one time so I set my priority.

During the weekday, my work, my family, and my wellbeing are my first priority and during the weekend or night, I will do the side things. It’s not easy to set priority but we need to learn as we can’t do it all at one time. If you push yourself, you will feel exhausted one day.

Time is like a money

Just like money, time is also precious and we need to use it wisely. 

I know I am not really good at money, still learning and improve but I really did my best to use my money wisely because it's hard-earned money. The same goes to time, I only have 24 hours just like everyone so I need to plan on how to use it wisely. I had many things I want to do in my life but if it's doesn't give value or fun to me so I will think twice about it.


As a working mom, you are also a mom, wife, daughter, siblings. We wear so many hats at the same time. Each of the roles had many tasks/responsibilities. Let's be honest, we can't do it all so that why delegate the tasks is one must.

As for me, my husband will help to take care of our son after he comes back home from work and I will do the things in the kitchen.

Don't forget to allocate time for self-care

Every working mom needs time for self-care, never ever forget this! Don't use your whole time in life to serve others and never serve yourself right. Please allocate time for yourself to do self-care. You can ask your husband or family to help you looking for the kids or cooking and you do what you want to relieve all the burden or stress in your head.

Do outsource by using online tools

This is the beauty of technology like smartphone and apps. Without this two, we will live with hassle because we need to go to bank to do transactions, need to go post office to pay bills and etc. But now we can do it online without even move. How good is this, kan!

Be brave to say NO

I never easy to say NO to other as it will give bad impression that you are not that helpful or cooperative but as time goes by, be brave to say NO to the things that don't give you value or you can do it other time. Don't say YES just to impress other but you're not sincere do it. Say NO when you feel you're unable to do it.


Life is hectic but when you can manage your time wisely, you can do a lot of things.

Some of these tips may work for you, or maybe not. It depends on you. When you start to feel stressed and have many things to get it done, check yourself against this list.

And get more done in your life today!

Take care and stay safe.


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