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New venture, new challenge & new fun - Unit Trust Agent

09 September 2021


Hello there!
How are you? I hope you doing well in your life.
Always feel joy despite of anxiety. Talking about anxiety, I've been struggling to manage my anxiety toward work lately but I need to be brave and face it! 
I'm thankful for family ( especially my husband), friends ( especially Maznee) and myself that always help me to face it. Its not easy to live with this anxiety but need to live with it. I will talk about it in a different post.
This post is dedicated to share about my NEW VENTURE, NEW CHALLENGE & NEW FUN in my life.

What is my big why?
I want to do this because,
- I want to be GOOD at other things, not just software testing
- I want to be FREE from 9-5 job
- I want to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM in 1 year
- I want to spend MORE TIME with my son
- I want to have a QUALITY TIME with my family

It's a process
I know this new venture will be not easy and I need to be consistently doing it. It's easy to talk about it but I will do my best.

Here are some photos of my recruiter, Kak Zack! Thank you Kak Zack for helping me with all the registration and looking forward to being on this journey with you and the team.

This is just the beginning and there are a lot of things to learn and go through.
I wish myself good luck and do my best!!
I hope one year after this I will share a good update with you.

Take care,

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