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How we spent time together nowadays

02 October 2021


Hello, October 2021!

This is my first post in this new month. I love this post because it's about something that I really love about my life. I love to spend time with my family especially with my husband and my son. This two-person is very precious in my life. Whenever my husband went to work every day, I always feel "empty" after he left for work. But, he needs to work to provide for our family so cannot lah be cengeng! 

Whenever he is home with us, we are happiest!

I love to spent my time with him since I knew him back in 2016! Even though it's has been almost 6 years, I still love to spend time doing whatever things in my life with him. Everything that we did together is the best thing ever done even though it just went to coffee shop drink our favorite drink, went to service our car and many more, I just love it!

Now, we are having our son and COVID-19 situation, so we can't really spent time together, just two of us because one of us need to take care of our baby.

Today, we went for groceries shopping together after so long and I am so excited about it!

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