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I achieved one of my milestone before end of 2021 | Officially Unit Trust Agent

20 October 2021


Hello there!
Do you remember my new venture, new challenge & new fun post last time?
I hope you remember because I want to share an update with you on what's happened.
I just passed my Unit Trust Exam!! Thanks to God.
I've been working so hard on this, I wake up from 4am to 5am to do revision because that is the only time I can do that! If I do it during normal time, I had work and after work, my son will "disturb" me so this is the quiet time I do the revision and study.
Now, I had PASSED the exam, the journey as a Unit Trust Consultant really started now. I know it won't be easy ahead, more challenging but I choose to go for it.

Thanks to my dear friend, Maznee for helping me a lot!
Looking for our success in this field.



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