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My birthday 2021

First time in my life I feel not really excited to celebrate my birthday. It's not I don't like it but I guess I am getting older and I am just excited for my son's birthday haha.

Highlights of my birthday this year are;

1. I managed to have a lunch with best friend, Marina

I've been missed her a lot!

The last I met her after I deliver baby last year. So, on my birthday this year, I don't want to miss the celebration again, usually I celebrate with her time zaman bujang i hehe.

Thanks God, we managed to have lunch together this year and I visited her office too!

2. My lovely friend, Najlaa sent me donut.

This one is surprise!

And, I am really surprised! and we love it! This friend of mine kan, such warm hearted lady and I love her!

3. I got my dream handbag, present from my husband ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿงก. 

The bag need to be bought online because the color is not available in Malaysia. So, I bought it from Charles & Keith Singapore! Its sooo lovely!

4. I got my ME time

My usual routine every year on birthday, I will go somewhere usually mall and just do windows shopping or shopping haha by myself. I will go to eat Korean food, my favorite one at Dubuyo haha. After that, I'm done!

5. As always wishes from my friends

I love the birthday wishes from my friends and family. I feel appreciated when family and friends remember my birthday. My goal next year, I will remember and wish all my family and friends birthday.

6. My husband the first to wish hihi

As always since I know my husband, I told him he need to be first one to wish me birthday every year. He did! He never miss it! 12.00am, he the first one to wish, never miss any second haha

7. I love the birthday cake, homemade by my high school friend,Na. I super love the cake!

I've fan of my high school friend's cake since she at Labuan. Whenever she posted her homemade cake, I always wish that one day, I can order from her for my family's birthday cake celebration. Its come true this year and on my birthday! I just love it and my family love it too. I'm glad I can support my dear friend and I'm pray she will be success in the business.

8. I celebrated my birthday early this year with my sister in law.

Usually, I don't really like to celebrate my birthday early because ye la I sometimes feel awkward about it because seems like I'm too confident I can life until my upcoming birthday. I am afraid that I am celebrating early.

That's all!

I am getting older haha


Enjoy the process | The challenge being Part time Unit Trust Agent


Hi there!

It's been awhile since I talked about my Unit Trust Consultant journey. My last update was on 20 October 2021, after I passed my exam.

It's been one month now.

Maybe some of you curious what's happen, kan?

To be honest, I had a ROUGH start!

I feel so blur and don't know what to do. I've been so busy with my main job also and I don't really know how to handle the public mutual and my main job at the same time. I still in the process to be able to juggling these two important things in my life. I want to be successful in both field because my main job is what I'm expert on or my existing skills and always need to be upgraded as time goes by and my new part time job as Unit Trust Consultant is my new skills that I want to develop and expert on it so I will be successful on it one day. 

I know, I can't have both but I can't choose either one now because my main job is my main source of income and my part time job is my long term goal and my second source of income. Both are really important to me right now.

Of course, one day I will let go one of it because I can't forever carry both things. For now, since I am still new in the Public Mutual field, I will carry both and go for it!

When I carried both important things, sometimes this make me so overwhelmed with my life. I can say, I already have many responsibility in my life and I am adding one more...haha

I am mom, wife, test analyst, biz owner, youtuber, blogger and now, Unit Trust Consultant.

I am a women with many "hats". 

Each roles come with different responsibility. When I wore my hat as a mom, I need to do all mom stuff with all of my heart, when I wore my hat as a wife. I need to do my responsibility as a wife with all of my heart too. When its come to work, I need to wore different hat and be strong and confident about what I do. There's time I feel so scared about what I do but I have no choice but just be brave!

I had so many responsibility now and I am still learning how to handle it well. I know this will take time and I believe I can do it! I just need to trust the process and enjoy it!

I always believe, nothing easy in this world, if its easy, everyone will doing it!

What I need to do now is enjoy the process, be fast and be happy doing all I do in my life.

Everything will be work one day and I will make it!

Thanks for reading my blog.

I hope you find something useful and you can learn from this.




Nak GANDAKAN simpanan akaun 1 KWSP untuk persaraan?


Hi disana,

Apa kabar? Saya berharap kamu sihat saja disamping orang tersayang!

Hari ini, saya akan kongsikan mengenai sesuatu yang mungkin kamu tidak pernah dengar atau pernah dengar tapi gitu -gitu saja, tak pernah ambil tahu sangat. It's okay, saya kan kongsikan details dengan kamu hari ni.

Kamu tau ka yang Akaun 1 KWSP boleh DIKELUARKAN? Sebelum ini, akaun 2 saja yang boleh kasi keluar kan? Tetapi semenjak pandemik melanda negara, akaun 1 boleh dikeluarkan untuk memenuhi keperluan kehidupan setiap individu. Tetapi, amount itu mengikut berapa jumlah akaun 1 kamu ada kan?

Yang saya nak ceritakan ini adalah keluarkan duit dari akaun 1 KWSP untuk PELABURAN Unit Trust. Jika kamu belum tahu mengenai Unit Trust, kamu boleh baca DISINI.

Akaun 1 ini boleh buat pengeluaran tetapi hanya untuk PERLABURAN, untuk tambah simpana persaraan.

Nak tahu macam mana?? Mari saya tunjukkan langkah demi langkah.

Teknik ni ramai yang tidak tahu, adalah satu kerugian besar bagi pekerja swasta kerana teknik ini tidak melibatkan komitment bulanan.

Tanpa membuang masa, saya akan tunjukan cara.

Langkah 1: Sila dapatkan nombor KWSP anda.

Langkah 2: Semak berapa jumlah yang boleh dikeluarkan untuk pelaburan Unit Trust mengunakan jadual simpanan asas KWSP.

Contoh cara kira berapa boleh keluar untuk pelaburan Unit Trust:

Umur pelabur ( anda) = 33 tahun

Duit dalam akaun 1 KWSP = RM100,000.00

Simpanan asas umur 33 tahun = RM47,000.00 ( semak jadual simpanan asas KWSP)


berapa boleh keluar,

= RM100,000.00- RM47,000.00) x30%

= RM53,000 x0.3

= RM15,900.00

Maka, anda layak melabur Unit Trust sebanyak RM15,900.00

Langkah 3: Setelah anda pastikan kelayakan pengeluaran anda dan jumlah yang boleh dikeluarkan, sediakan fotokopi IC anda ( hitam putih)

Langkah 4: Anda boleh set appointment untuk berjumpa saya. Saya akan sediakan borang yang perlu diisi dan guide anda satu per satu ya!

Alaaa... saya LAYAK tapi saya jauh dari tempat saya, JANGAN RISAU!!

Apa yang kamu perlu buat ialah whatsapp saya dan bagitau yang kamu nak gandakan simpan akaun 1 KWSP dan saya akan guide kamu untuk langkah seterusnya.

Whatsapp saya : Aya +60164357626

Selepas saya hantar borang ke pejabat KWSP, saya akan keep update dgn kamu ya jangan risau!

Jadi, apa tunggu lagi. Jangan kasi biar itu duit di Akaun 1 KWSP duduk saja, make that money work for you!

Saya berharap article kali ni berguna untuk kamu.

Jika kamu suka ini article, boleh share dengan kawan-kawan dan keluarga di sosial media kamu. Terima kasih, jumpa lagi untuk post seterusnya!




Highlights of my 32 years old


Finally, November 2021 is here!

I always excited whenever November come because it's my birthday month...hehe.

Just like that, I will be officially 33 years old in few days. How do I feel being 32 so far?

I think so far, my life is on track! haha, what I mean is I am married, having 1 child, still working just like others 32 years old.

But, this year I'm doing so many extraordinary things that I also can't believe I'm doing it,

1. I left my first job

I've been working at my first job for 9 years 4 months. Yes, almost 10 years. Some people thought I will be "mereput" there, to be really honest, I deeply hurt by that kind of words because seems you look down on me or something like you think I can't do anything than that job, I know it's joking so that's why I never talk about it. But, that's make me want to be different than what people thought. Also, I took different way than others. When other people left, they already got a new job but for me, I had no new offer when and after I resigned. I keep go for an interviews but none. But, its okay because I want to be different than others.

2. I "menganggur" for 2 months

The best 2 months ever in my life, I can say.

I spent all days with my son, taking care of my husband but the only things that worries me this time is money. I worried about money because I need to pay my bills like home mortgage, bad debts, with my saving, I can't really afford to "menganggur" for more than 2 months.

3. I joined Unit Trust in Public Mutual

I guess this is the highlight this year! I joined Unit Trust in Public Mutual as Unit Trust Consultant. My big why join this are,

i. I want to be great in other thing ( other than software testing - my current nature of work now).

ii. I want to make my financial knowledge better and to share awareness to others especially people around me

iii. I want to make an extraordinary income so I can pay off my bad debts faster!! 

It's not easy as I thought but these big why make me go forward! 

4. I become so heavy and bigger

This one NO COMMENTS! It's my choice after all.

I hate to look at mirror because I just hate to see my size and my look. I can change this but I don't know why am I like this ๐Ÿ˜”. I really don't understand myself when come to lose weight now, I just don't really have that determination to lose weight. But, I will try again next year. I give myself time again.

5. We celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary

Yes!! We make it to 2 years of our marriage.

It's not an easy ride and still a lot of things to learn and to get to know about each others. I am grateful for having my husband in my life.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J.Marine

Let's go for 33 years old!