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Enjoy the process | The challenge being Part time Unit Trust Agent

28 November 2021


Hi there!

It's been awhile since I talked about my Unit Trust Consultant journey. My last update was on 20 October 2021, after I passed my exam.

It's been one month now.

Maybe some of you curious what's happen, kan?

To be honest, I had a ROUGH start!

I feel so blur and don't know what to do. I've been so busy with my main job also and I don't really know how to handle the public mutual and my main job at the same time. I still in the process to be able to juggling these two important things in my life. I want to be successful in both field because my main job is what I'm expert on or my existing skills and always need to be upgraded as time goes by and my new part time job as Unit Trust Consultant is my new skills that I want to develop and expert on it so I will be successful on it one day. 

I know, I can't have both but I can't choose either one now because my main job is my main source of income and my part time job is my long term goal and my second source of income. Both are really important to me right now.

Of course, one day I will let go one of it because I can't forever carry both things. For now, since I am still new in the Public Mutual field, I will carry both and go for it!

When I carried both important things, sometimes this make me so overwhelmed with my life. I can say, I already have many responsibility in my life and I am adding one more...haha

I am mom, wife, test analyst, biz owner, youtuber, blogger and now, Unit Trust Consultant.

I am a women with many "hats". 

Each roles come with different responsibility. When I wore my hat as a mom, I need to do all mom stuff with all of my heart, when I wore my hat as a wife. I need to do my responsibility as a wife with all of my heart too. When its come to work, I need to wore different hat and be strong and confident about what I do. There's time I feel so scared about what I do but I have no choice but just be brave!

I had so many responsibility now and I am still learning how to handle it well. I know this will take time and I believe I can do it! I just need to trust the process and enjoy it!

I always believe, nothing easy in this world, if its easy, everyone will doing it!

What I need to do now is enjoy the process, be fast and be happy doing all I do in my life.

Everything will be work one day and I will make it!

Thanks for reading my blog.

I hope you find something useful and you can learn from this.



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