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Highlights of my 32 years old

05 November 2021


Finally, November 2021 is here!

I always excited whenever November come because it's my birthday month...hehe.

Just like that, I will be officially 33 years old in few days. How do I feel being 32 so far?

I think so far, my life is on track! haha, what I mean is I am married, having 1 child, still working just like others 32 years old.

But, this year I'm doing so many extraordinary things that I also can't believe I'm doing it,

1. I left my first job

I've been working at my first job for 9 years 4 months. Yes, almost 10 years. Some people thought I will be "mereput" there, to be really honest, I deeply hurt by that kind of words because seems you look down on me or something like you think I can't do anything than that job, I know it's joking so that's why I never talk about it. But, that's make me want to be different than what people thought. Also, I took different way than others. When other people left, they already got a new job but for me, I had no new offer when and after I resigned. I keep go for an interviews but none. But, its okay because I want to be different than others.

2. I "menganggur" for 2 months

The best 2 months ever in my life, I can say.

I spent all days with my son, taking care of my husband but the only things that worries me this time is money. I worried about money because I need to pay my bills like home mortgage, bad debts, with my saving, I can't really afford to "menganggur" for more than 2 months.

3. I joined Unit Trust in Public Mutual

I guess this is the highlight this year! I joined Unit Trust in Public Mutual as Unit Trust Consultant. My big why join this are,

i. I want to be great in other thing ( other than software testing - my current nature of work now).

ii. I want to make my financial knowledge better and to share awareness to others especially people around me

iii. I want to make an extraordinary income so I can pay off my bad debts faster!! 

It's not easy as I thought but these big why make me go forward! 

4. I become so heavy and bigger

This one NO COMMENTS! It's my choice after all.

I hate to look at mirror because I just hate to see my size and my look. I can change this but I don't know why am I like this 😔. I really don't understand myself when come to lose weight now, I just don't really have that determination to lose weight. But, I will try again next year. I give myself time again.

5. We celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary

Yes!! We make it to 2 years of our marriage.

It's not an easy ride and still a lot of things to learn and to get to know about each others. I am grateful for having my husband in my life.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J.Marine

Let's go for 33 years old!

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