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My birthday 2021

30 November 2021

First time in my life I feel not really excited to celebrate my birthday. It's not I don't like it but I guess I am getting older and I am just excited for my son's birthday haha.

Highlights of my birthday this year are;

1. I managed to have a lunch with best friend, Marina

I've been missed her a lot!

The last I met her after I deliver baby last year. So, on my birthday this year, I don't want to miss the celebration again, usually I celebrate with her time zaman bujang i hehe.

Thanks God, we managed to have lunch together this year and I visited her office too!

2. My lovely friend, Najlaa sent me donut.

This one is surprise!

And, I am really surprised! and we love it! This friend of mine kan, such warm hearted lady and I love her!

3. I got my dream handbag, present from my husband 🧡🧡. 

The bag need to be bought online because the color is not available in Malaysia. So, I bought it from Charles & Keith Singapore! Its sooo lovely!

4. I got my ME time

My usual routine every year on birthday, I will go somewhere usually mall and just do windows shopping or shopping haha by myself. I will go to eat Korean food, my favorite one at Dubuyo haha. After that, I'm done!

5. As always wishes from my friends

I love the birthday wishes from my friends and family. I feel appreciated when family and friends remember my birthday. My goal next year, I will remember and wish all my family and friends birthday.

6. My husband the first to wish hihi

As always since I know my husband, I told him he need to be first one to wish me birthday every year. He did! He never miss it! 12.00am, he the first one to wish, never miss any second haha

7. I love the birthday cake, homemade by my high school friend,Na. I super love the cake!

I've fan of my high school friend's cake since she at Labuan. Whenever she posted her homemade cake, I always wish that one day, I can order from her for my family's birthday cake celebration. Its come true this year and on my birthday! I just love it and my family love it too. I'm glad I can support my dear friend and I'm pray she will be success in the business.

8. I celebrated my birthday early this year with my sister in law.

Usually, I don't really like to celebrate my birthday early because ye la I sometimes feel awkward about it because seems like I'm too confident I can life until my upcoming birthday. I am afraid that I am celebrating early.

That's all!

I am getting older haha

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